Stride for Sheffield Day 5

Day 5 of Stride for Sheffield and building on yesterday’s return to logging over 100 miles in a day a bumper 22 activities logged gave a total of 162.7 miles, nudging the overall figure tantalisingly close to 1000 miles (955.4 Miles). Contribution of the day goes to Strider’s own Chairman, Andy Buck, who logged an impressive 32.19KM (19.44 Miles in old money) on his bike in an hour.

This and some other fantastic efforts was almost enough to propel the virtual SFS tour across the French border. Starting out from yesterday’s layover in Rodez, the southbound route managed to take in the famous city of Toulouse, best known from a sporting perspective for it’s illustrious Rugby team. Perhaps lesser known for it’s nickname of the Pink City.


From here the convoy struck out towards the Andorran border, soaking in the beauty of the Pyrenees National Park, before falling just short ending up in the small village of Mérens-les-Vals, which similarly to one of the world’s great cities lies in the confluence of 3 valleys.


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