Stride for Sheffield Days 9 & 10

Days of 116 and 177.1 miles have put the total distance travelled tantalisingly close to the 2000 miles mark as Day 10 saw SFS finish on 1,950.4 miles. I have no doubt this will be achieved on day 11, and does raise the question just how far can we go…

The miles were enough to move our little world tour onward through Spain, crossing the Vía de la Plata at Cáceres before marching doggedly over the Portuguese border. The first port of call being err… Porto. Inadvertently this led to me learning about GaWC, Porto being a “Gamma” city, a list upon which Sheffield doesn’t feature (but Leeds does..!). A small oddity to be noted is that the city itself neither contains a port, nor is it the origin point for port wine. One delicacy that is very much local to the city is the Francesinha, which very much sounds like the local equivalent of a chicken parmo.

Keep up the good work everyone, and with a slight easing of guidelines around exercise, let’s see how ambitious we can be on our little trip!

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