Virgin Money Virtual London Marathon 2020 – report by Sarah Storey

Race date: Sunday 5th October 2020

My take on the virtual London Marathon….

My alarm went off at 2.10 am I hit snooze a couple of times then got up.

I had my breakfast which was porridge with yoghurt and banana took a couple of ibuprofen.

Checked the curtains to see the rain coming down so dressed accordingly.

I went out of the door at 3.44am and set the app to record and off I trotted.  I ran around the local estate which in itself is a challenge (for those that know Arbourthorne you’ll totally understand).

I headed down Prince of Wales Road along Greenland Road down Shepcote Lane and back along Attercliffe and into town where I came across the first person of the day.

I continued past the train station and out to Archer Road pure gym where I met up with Peter Keats and Lee Kenton and I was on schedule for a 4.5 hour marathon.

We headed out back towards town and the boys asked if I had a route in mind and did I want to keep it flattish but we were at Heeley baths and so I said let’s do our usual Sheffield Half Marathon route which was probably a mistake but never the less we did it, albeit very slowly.

The app tracked me as running 2.66 miles in 4.45 minutes.

I finished in 5.06 which is my worst ever time but being as I’m running in a knee brace since March due to a suspected torn ACL and I’m currently doing RED366 and I’m now on day 280 I am relatively ok with it.

I’ve since run Monday and Tuesday 6 miles each day and I’m counting the next 86 days down to New Years’ Eve and I’ll then have donated £366 to 12 different charities and I’m definitely having New Years’ Day relaxing

You can find the full Strider results here .


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