2021 English Cross Country Relays

Saturday 6th November 2021
Race Report by Caroline Brock

After a year away 4 and a bit Striders teams were back at Berry Hill, Mansfield, for the cross country relays! It was great to turn up to see all the club tents and flags and the event always has a great atmosphere. This has become a classic cross country course and after the mud of 2019 the course was dry and very runnable though slightly windy in places. A chance to run with some of the best in the Country and watch them too; Olympian Jess Judd was spotted putting her all into a leg for Blackburn Harriers.

The women run 3 legs of 3k and the men 4 legs of 5k

Striders had 2 women’s teams and 3 mens teams competing

Senior Women

  • 106 complete teams and 22 incomplete teams
  • 1st Aldershot Farnham & District ‘A’ 30:21

59th SCS A  38:02

Jacqui Herring started us off running 13:00 (after running a PB at parkrun in the morning), Harriet Davies took over to run 13:22 and Caroline Brock ran the final leg for the team in 11:39

85th SCS B 42:34

Charlotte Civico was first to run sticking very close to Jacqui to finish in 13:09, Tracy Davies was second up running 15:08 and Kate Scott ran the team home in 14:17

Senior Men

  • 147 complete teams and 25 incomplete teams
  • 1st Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers ‘A’ 01:02:58

87th SCS A 01:15:56 (we finished just 1 place behind our friends at Dronfield!)

Sam Brown kicked off with 18:37, Stephen Schubler took over and ran 19:09, Robert Bishop ran 19:53 and Richard Pearson finished the A team with the fastest striders leg of the day in 18:16

115th SCS B 01:24:25

Malcolm Baggaley was first runner for our B team running in 20:40, Andy Green took over to run 23:49, and 2 last minute super subs ran next, Al Cook in 20:34 and Seth Kirby 19:21


Richard Pegg took one for the team by pulling out of the main teams as he was recovering from being unwell and ran in his very own team in 24:55. Team Peggy was our favourite of the day! There is nothing quite like being in the 1st leg at a national relay and worth the experience.


The relays are great fun to run in and just as much fun to watch, this is a great afternoon out and next year we’ll aim to take more teams with us so come and join us!

Full Results are here : https://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/news/results-relays-2021/

Results Summary

Senior Womens :

Team Name Time Final Position
Complete Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 0:38:03 59
Complete Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 0:42:35 85
Team Time (position) Name
Leg 1 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:13:00.65 (95) J Herring
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:13:09.75 (98) C Civico
Leg 2 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:13:22.20 (80) H Davies
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:15:08.00 (95) T Davies
Leg 3 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:11:39.95 (59) C Brock
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:14:17.20 (85) K Scott

Senior Mens :

Team Time Final Position
Complete Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 1:15:56 87
Complete Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 1:24:26 115
Incomplete Steel City Striders Rc ‘C’ 0:24:55
Team Time (position) Name
Leg 1 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:18:37.40 (106) S Brown
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:20:40.25 (136) M Baggaley
Steel City Striders Rc ‘C’ 00:24:55.00 (169) R Pegg
Leg 2 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:19:09.10 (101) S Schubeler
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:23:49.20 (137) A Green
Leg 3 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:19:53.75 (101) R Bishop
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:20:34.85 (131) A Cooke
Leg 4 Steel City Striders Rc ‘A’ 00:18:16.05 (87) R Pearson
Steel City Striders Rc ‘B’ 00:19:21.65 (115) S Kirby

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