2022 Road Championship Fixtures

With our 2021 Road Championship drawing to a close next weekend, it’s time to announce details of our 2022 offering.

We’re going to tweak the format slightly next year, to give as many people as we can a chance to compete. That means:

  • 12 races to choose from instead of 10;
  • best 5 races to count instead of 6;
  • no bonus points for doing extra races.

Apart from that, the format will be unchanged, with the same scoring system and age categories as in previous years (see below).

Our championship races will include our most popular local events, some scenic challenges for hill-lovers, and a couple of flat courses where PBs and club records will hopefully fall. Some dates are still to be confirmed, but see below for a full list of fixtures and when we expect the races to take place. Remember, you don’t need to run them all, as it’s just five scores to count.

  1. Run Your Heart Out Valentines 10k (13/2)
  2. Dronfield 10k (13/3)
  3. Sheffield Half (27/3)
  4. Holymoorside 10k (8/5)
  5. Buxton Half (29/5)
  6. Ashbourne Half (3/7)
  7. Askern 10 (14/8)
  8. Vale of York Half (11/9)
  9. Sheffield 10k (25/9)
  10. Chesterfield 10k (16/10)
  11. Worksop Half (30/10)
  12. Doncaster 10k (27/11)

As with all our championships, this is open to 1st-claim members of Steel City Striders. This is considered a whole-club event, so all members who run a listed race are automatically included: to take part, just enter the races of your choice in the normal way. When you enter, please remember to give your club as “Steel City Striders” if given the option, as that makes our admin much easier.

You’ll score points based on how your time compares to the first-placed runner of the same sex: 100 points x (winning time / your time). So for example, if the winner takes 60 minutes and you take 75, you’ll score 100 x (60 / 75) = 80 points. A slower runner who took 80 minutes would score 100 x (60 / 80) = 75 points. At the end of the season, your total score will be your best five race scores added together.

Prizes will be awarded to the male and female winners in senior, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+ age categories. Your age category is determined by your age on January 1st, 2022. So if, for example, you turn 50 on January 2nd, you’ll compete in the 40-49 age category until the following year.

We’ll have Trail and Fell series running alongside this, as well as a new Combined Championship with events from all three, plus the Divisional Leagues everyone enjoyed so much in 2019, so there’ll be lots going on next year. More details on those to follow.

But before any of that, we need to wrap up this year’s Road Championship, so good luck to everyone running in Doncaster or Clowne. May your post-race buzz be greater than your in-race pain.

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