City of Preston 5 and 10 mile road race result and report by Dot Kesterton

Race Date: Sunday 8th August 2021

The end of my time in the F65 running category is too swiftly drawing to a close.

Before I move inevitably into my new age group I thought I should have a pop at some different distances and terrains and perhaps see if I can make an impact on one or two of the Strider club records while I’m at it. I shuffled round the track at Stretford in the NMAC 1500m in 6.31 mins just for fun, came in 12th of 12, lapped and clapped in as the poor old dear who dared challenge the spike wearing elite and promptly jumped to the top of the UK 2021 rankings for the age group if only for a few weeks. OK it won’t show up on the Striders age group records but never mind, it’s hardly Laura Muir after all.

So, with a dearth of 5 mile races to enter locally I set off for Red Rose county, mercifully flat, to race with other humans for the first time in 15 months at a distance I quite like.

The City of Preston 5 and 10 mile race is run on a course in Walmer Bridge, the 10 mile being two laps of the 5 mile circular course. The route is unlovely, the first couple of miles along the A59 Blackpool Road and then circling through a couple of villages and back to the pavilion in Walmer Bridge.

Newly back to racing following pandemic lockdown restrictions I hadn’t any real expectations other than to try to break 40 minutes. Coming to the end of the age group meant I was probably the oldest woman in the category so just to get a race regardless of the outcome was helpful.

Five miles suits me well. More than a parkrun and less than a 10K, it meant I could judge my pace somewhere between the two and aim for consistency from start to finish.

First female was Sarah Avery, 50-59, Cheshire Dragons, in 30.35.

First male was Jonny Melor, senior, Liverpool Harriers in 23.45.

Dot Kesterton, second F60-69,Steel City Striders in 38.06.

There were 83 runners in the 5 miler altogether with Dot finishing an excellent 39th place against all 83 of any age group. She was 7th woman and 2nd in her age category. Fantastic achievement by anyone’s standards – well done Dot!

Full Results: here

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