Fun, Fun, Fun: The London Landmarks Half Marathon 2021

It costs about £30 for a ride on a hop-on, hop-off London tour bus so if you offset this against the £55 entry fee for this event (deferred from 2020) then the cost isn’t so bad although there was significant input from the charity sector with many competitors obtaining numbers from and raising money for their chosen organisation. You might want to take your camera with you on this race as the route takes in many of the big tourist destinations including The Strand, Tower of London, St Pauls, The Houses of Parliament and Downing Street with music and cheer leaders (cheer stations) along the way too. No time for sightseeing for our own Abbie Pearse however who ran a remarkable pb of 1:23:22 to lead home all of the 5794 other women and finishing 64th out of an entire field of 10964 competitors. The course was described as “twisty and turny” to extent that the GPS couldn’t cope with the number of 180 degree and other awkward turns which made pace judgement difficult. Unlike its big sister The London Marathon, crowds were described as “average until the finishing straight when they went mad!!” Great weather and great fun too.

Intestinal Route with pb’s not expected

Medal and t-shirt in the goody bag for all finishers and you can also browse merchandise online for your own cap, snood, hoodie or t-shirt all at London prices. No prizes for the top finishers either we understand but everyone gets entered into a draw for a number of spot prizes.

Unfortunately the LLHM Results 2021 don’t carry any club details but we understand that four club members ran. Please shout up if you’re missing. First man was Nick Harris-Fry (Orion)  in an impressive 1:11:54

Pos Name Cat Chip
64 (1) Abbie Pearse SF 1:23:22
114 Danny Bent M40 1:26:59
2518 Steve Blake M45 1:54:19
5167 Clive Downing M55 2:15:27

Abbie breaking the tape as first woman. Might be a once in a life time experience but the pain for 1.22.30 was worth it for the fun of the last 30 seconds!!!


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