LDWA 6 Dales Way report and result

Race Date: Saturday 6th November 2021

It’s been 4 years since I last did this event. It was a fantastic event then and it was equally great this year too. 26 miles and 6 dales to conquer: Biggin Dale; Wolfscote Dale; Beresford Dale; Lathkill Dale; Bradford Dale; Long Dale.

You have to love the relaxed atmosphere at these events, ‘Are you starting now?’, No, in about 5 minutes’. ‘OK, I’ll put you down for 8.40’. Short changed myself didn’t I as I didn’t start until 8.43! I ran with Steve and Ben kept Fufy company. My target was to get back as close to 2pm as possible as it was forecast to tip it down by then.

As we were running through dales, there wasn’t the amount of uphill as you would normally expect from this neck of the woods. The scenery was lovely, the aid stations were well stocked with Staffordshire oat cakes, quiche, pork pies, wine gums, biscuits etc, the weather was fine and the company was great.

Steve and I caught up to all of the walkers and quite a few of the runners. At Monsal there were 19 people in front of us, at Middleton there were about 10. We passed a couple more and were about 8th home at about 2.10pm. The weather forecast was spot on as we got caught in about 10 minutes worth of rain but hugged the radiators in Biggin Village Hall after devouring our free vegetarian chilli meal.

So another LDWA event that cost £8. For that I got, 26 miles of suberb scenery, 3 well stocked aid stations, soup and a hot meal at the end plus unlimited fruit cocktail, cake and coffee as well as a completion certificate. I love the LDWA!!

No results or placings only times

Striders times

Pos Name Cat Time
n/a Nick Burns M 5.19.00
n/a Steve Haake M 5.19.00
n/a Ben Heller M 6.20.00


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