Peak Raid 3 Autumn series 2021 – Kinder East results

Event date: 12 September 2021
Distance: Depends on your route choice!

Peak Raid 3 is a series of 3 hour mini mountain marathon events. The aim of the game is to navigate yourself to as many checkpoints as you can, and get back to the start within 3 hours. Entries can be in pairs or solo.

This event took place on the Eastern flanks of Kinder with the option to visit as far north as Alport castles and Rowlee pasture. The start point was near nether booth in the Edale valley. The only way was North, and Up! Your visits to checkpoints are registered through a ‘dibber’ that you slot into a receiver at each checkpoint you visit. You must dib in at the start before you receive the map for the course.

It was great to be back on the mountain orienteering events after a couple of years of absence. There was a nice relaxed vibe, and I always enjoy seeing all those runners out on the hill heading off in their own directions. It was a great course with lots of options for route choices meaning you had to stick to your guns and rely on your own navigation skills. There was plenty of room for small (or big) errors out on the course.

The terrain was a mixture of paths and open tussocky steep moorland, with checkpoints often in the middle of pathless terrain. Plenty of opportunity for ankle rolling and falls down peatland holes.

87 runners (solo or pair) took part in the event. The maximum score achievable was 600 points.

First male was David Pettit of Derwent Valley Orienteers with 470 points in 2:55:34
First female was Steel City Striders Rachel Thorley with 388 points in 3:00:02

7 Striders took part in the event (3 pairs and 1 solo)

Position Name Points Time
14 Rachel Thorley 388 03:00:02
28 Joe Buckman / Mark Platton 330 02:30:27
55 Jennie Stevens / Alison Barrett 280 02:37:21
80 Jane Huws / Jo Gleig 160 02:52:22

Full results available here:

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