Leeds Abbey Dash Results & Road Championship Update 3

Race date: 24/10/2021

Race 5 of our 2021 Road Championship saw a select group of 9 Striders head to Leeds for the Abbey Dash. This is run on a fast, out-and-back course in Leeds city centre, and always attracts a strong and deep field.

Kadar Omar of Birchfield Harriers won the men’s race in 28:46, while Stockport’s Jessica Piasecki was first woman in 31:19, the second fastest time by a British woman this year.

The fastest Strider of the day was Philip Cooper, whose excellent 33:40 was only good enough for 119th place, a sign of the quality of the field. Lucy Broom was our first woman, in 41:07. Full results are here.

2717 people ran in total. Here’s how our 9 Striders got on in full:

Pos Name Cat Time
119 Philip Cooper MSen 33:40
223 Seth Kirby MSen 36:25
226 Jordan Moat MSen 36:33
258 Nick Booker M50 37:34
336 Malcolm Baggaley M35 39:08
389 Tim Holt M40 40:07
435 Lucy Broom F45 41:07
833 Dot Kesterton F65 48:10
1193 John Walker M55 52:13

With some top athletes turning out and points based on winning times for our Road Championship, you had to run well to score well today, but that’s exactly what everyone did. Although Philip was our highest scorer, this was his last road race of the year, so for Championship news we have to look elsewhere.

With only two race weekends left and three scores to count, anyone going for the club’s Road Championship needs to have registered at least one score by now. That means we’re starting to get a sense of who might come out on top.


On the overall points table, the top 3 remain unchanged. Remember, men score points based on the first man’s time, and women based on the first woman’s time, so this table adjusts for sex (but not for age).

Jim Rangeley, still the only person with three scores in the bag, keeps top spot, just one lockdown away from the title. Sarah Percival and Kate Scott stay 2nd and 3rd. Nick Booker and Jordan Moat move into 4th and 5th close behind.

Any of Sarah, Kate, Nick, Jordan, and 6th-placed Harriet Davies could still top the points table, but keep an eye out for Seth Kirby and Lucy Broom too, who both ran their first race today.

Points Table

Pos Name Cat Points
1 Jim Rangeley MSen 183.04
2 Sarah Percival F40-49 167.94
3 Kate Scott F50-59 161.82
4 Nick Booker M50-59 158.67
5 Jordan Moat MSen 158.24
6 Harriet Davies FSen 156.82
42 Seth Kirby MSen 78.99
48 Lucy Broom F40-49 76.17

Age-Graded Table

On the age-graded table, times score points based on world records for your age and sex. That means a fast course helps and a strong field doesn’t hinder, so it was a better day to pick up age-graded points.

Dot Kesterton (F65) moved into the lead here, with Nick Booker (M50) establishing himself in a clear 2nd place. There’s a good scrap behind between Kate Scott (F55), Jordan Moat (MSen), and Paul Bentley (M60), but it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Lucy Broom (F55) challenging Nick for 2nd. Unless, that is, Caroline Brock (F35), David Wilson (M60), or Graham Goff (M70) manage another two races before the series end.

Pos Name Cat Age-Grade
1 Dot Kesterton F65 185.26
2 Nick Booker M50 162.60
3 Jim Rangeley MSen 149.45
4 Kate Scott F55 146.81
5 Jordan Moat MSen 143.54
6 Paul Bentley M60-69 143:23
33 Lucy Broom F45 80.50
34 Graham Goff M70 80.22
35 Caroline Brock F35 79.53
37 David Wilson M60 79.28

Age Categories

With only 9 Striders scoring points, there isn’t a lot of change in the age category tables, but a few things have become clearer:

Senior Men

The Senior Men’s category looks like a battle between Jordan Moat and Seth Kirby, unless Richard Pearson has plans to race I don’t know about. Malcolm Baggaley (9th, 73.51), who counts as a vet by some measures, should place well too.

Pos Name Points
1 Jim Rangeley 183.04
2 Jordan Moat 158.24
3 Ben Stittle 133.67
4 Philip Cooper 85.45
5 Ed Startup 81.61
6 Richard Pearson 81.56
7 Seth Kirby 78.99

Senior Women

No change on the Senior Women’s table, so Harriet Davies is well-placed if she can get another race in. Caroline Brock, Rebecca Pease, and Rachel Thorley all need two more races to challenge.

Pos Name Points
1 Harriet Davies 156.82
2 Laura Rangeley 130.85
3 Maggie Vickers 108.39
4 Caroline Brock 100.00
5 Rebecca Pease 93.48
6 Rachel Thorley 85.77


Well this is embarrassing; there’s a chance I might be 1st M40. But I’m looking over my shoulder at Adrian Fisher (9th, 82.89), Robert Dawson (10th, 80.79), and Paul Scott (11th, 74.95).

Pos Name Points
1 Tim Holt 147.31
2 Stephen Slater 137.73
3 Robin Nelson 130.25
4 Matt Rimmer 129.46
5 Lee Mills 117.00


Sarah Percival’s in a great position on the F40 table, but Jacqui Herring or Lucy Broom may still run her close.

Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Percival 167.94
2 Christine Booth 135.89
3 Josephine Blewitt 134.39
4 Rachel Rea 125.07
5 Jacqui Herring 82.57
6 Abigail Hickinbottom 76.77
7 Lucy Broom 76.17


Nick Booker’s the fastest M50 at the club, and in great form, so it’s no surprise to see him clear here.

Pos Name Points
1 Nick Booker 158.67
2 John Armitage 130.13
3 Neil Schofield 125.45
4 David Bocking 121.79
5 Paddy Treehowes 120.55


Kate Scott looks like she’s got the F50 title in the bag.

Pos Name Points
1 Kate Scott 161.82
2 Caroline Greenough 75.91
3 Karen Clark 73.50
4 Carole Haste 73.12
5 Nada Ross 69.23


No change from the M60s, so Paul Bentley is still looking good.

Pos Name Points
1 Paul Bentley 133.18
2 David Bownes 92.86
3 David Wilson 74.50
4 Barry Gyte 62.56
5 Richard Binks 59.68


Dot Kesterton shouldn’t have any difficulties closing out the F60 category.

Pos Name Points
1 Dot Kesterton 144.33
2 Jo Gleig 110.73
3 Stephanie Street 71.73
4 Kate Waddicor 70.94
5 Carol Beattie 66.56


With only 2 races left, and no M70 having run more than once so far, it looks like they might run out of time.

Pos Name Points
1 Graham Goff 64.81
2 Graham Hague 60.50
3 David Parry 60.21
4 Michael Ingham 49.04


Understandably, our W70s have been a bit too busy with marathons and cross country for the Road Championship this year.

There is, of course, far too much data to include it all here, so this is just a selection. As ever, see The Spreadsheet for the full picture.

The next race is the Derby 10 Mile on November 14th, and the series then concludes with the Doncaster 10k and the Clowne Half Marathon, both on November 28th (you’re expected to choose between them, not run them both). You still have time to enter the remaining races if you’re quick, so anyone who’s got one score on the board already can still register the full three scores for the series.

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