Steel City 10 Trail race result

Race Date: Sunday 24th October 2021

The Limb Valley Trail descent is one of the highlights of the now twice per year Round Sheffield Run for many runners, so why not try running down the trail twice in one race?

Heading gradually upwards along the faint paths in the woodlands above the valley allowed two descents in one 10K (or 9.85 K to be exact), and the chance to hear woodpeckers and occasionally meet the deer who live among the trees, where few humans tread.

The first official race in the Steel City Trail 10 series included much of the RSR trail descent x 2 in a 10K aiming to celebrate the green spaces of the Outdoor City  and introduce local trail runners to some of Sheffield’s lesser known trails and pathways. The series will be open to all runners, and aims to offer challenging races for confident trail runners, and ‘can I get round?’ adventures for trail running newcomers.

The series aims to eventually host a challenging off road 10k every month alternating between four or five locations within easy reach of Sheffielders, and we’ve now got the go-ahead for the Whirlow circuit, with hopefully more locations to follow over the next year or so.

Since some of the trails we used at Whirlow will now be out of bounds due to tree work in November and December, after organising two trial runs before the official race on Sunday 24th, the plan is to host another official race at Whirlow in January , with hopefully a trial run or two of other circuits in November or December – see the SCS FB page for updates.

Thanks to a fabulous group of volunteers, we had great feedback on Sunday, where 40 runners took part, and hope numbers will grow as the series progresses: please spread the word!

The men’s race was won by Sam Evans, unattached, in 45.12, a new course record by 12 seconds. The women’s race was won by Clair Taylor of Totley AC.

Full Results:

Pos First Name Second Name Cat Time Club
1 Sam Evans Male 45.12 Non-affiliated
2 Matt Rimmer Male 45.26 Steel City Striders
3 Andy Eades Male 48.37 Vegan Runners UK
4 Andy Davies Male 51.19 Hillsborough & Rivelin RC
5 Chris Deeble-Rogers Male 51.48 Totley AC
6 David Price Male 51.54 Steel City Striders
7 Jack Hetherington Male 52.20
8 Clair Taylor Female 52.55 Totley AC
9 Peter McCoy Male 57.05 Steel City Striders RC
10 Peter Malcolm Male 57.13 n/a
11 Steve Haake Male 57.49 Steel City Striders
12 Kev Hewitt Male 58.26 Steel City Striders
13 Joe Wild Male 58.39
14 Pat Goodall Female 58.42 Totley AC
15 Andrew Rowland Male 59.06 Steel City striders
16 Matt Dunbar Male 59.47 Sheffield triathlon club
17 Anne Hegarty Female 60.25 Totley AC
18 Stephen Reilly Male 60.36 None
19 Rachel Suddrick Female 62.29 Smiley Paces
20 Kevin Haighton Male 64.31 Steel City Striders
21 Sally Twigg Female 64.40 Steel City Striders
22 Mark Norman Male 64.51 Steel City Striders
23 Chris White Male 65.11
24 Philip Swirles Male 65.12 Steel City Striders
25 Emily Bocking Female 65.16 Steel City Striders
26 Christine Booth Female 65.29 Steel City Striders RC
27 Benjamin Herman Male 68.36 None yet
28 Tom Cossham Male 68.37 None
29 Jeremy Brayshaw Male 70.04 Totley AC
30 Alyson Rayner Female 70.09 Smiley paces
31 Caroline Aylott Female 71.14 Steel City striders
32 Nicole Nield Female 77.08 Steel City Striders
33 Lucy Haighton Female 78.04 N/a
34 Sally Smith Female 83.05 Sheffield triathlon club
35 Tracy Woodward Female 95.50 Penistone Footpath Runners
36 Steph Allen Female 96.43
37 David Bocking Male 96.47 Steel City Striders
Julie Hurley Female 1 lap (55.50) Striders/Totley AC
Rebecca Pollitt Female 1 lap (55.51)
Yvette McCracken Female DNF Smiley Paces


Please look at the Steel City 10 FB page for more photos, results and info

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