Wharncliffe Sider with Rose

Wednesday 11th August 2021

Congratulations to the 32 Striders who completed this challenging 5 mile trail race. I know it’s been said before, but it was really good to get back to some racing, and seeing so many familiar faces really made it feel like some sort of normality had returned. I know that some of them were wearing different vests than when we last saw them, but we’re all just runners, aren’t we?

Even the seemingly never ending downhill start to this race didn’t make up for the inevitable uphill return – and it’s a real pull, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not sure if the distance markers helped or not, but the thought of a bottle of cider at the end definitely did!

Thanks to Andy Davies, and HRRC for putting on a great race.

Ruaridh Mon-Williams of Ilkely Harriers set a new course record of 28:54, with Striders’ very own Abbie Pearse 1st woman home in 33:35 (which I think was also a course record).

Pos. Cat. Name Time
5 2nd MV40 Stephen Schubeler 31:56
17 1st Female Abbie Pearse 33:35
20 MV40 Daniel Bent 34:03
36 2nd MV50 Al Cook 35:46
41 F Rachel Thorley 36:30
65 3rd FV40 Sarah Moss 39:28
72 MV60 Richard Pegg 40:23
76 MV40 Stephen Slater 40:38
78 MV40 Peter McCoy 40:43
85 FV40 Sarah Percival 41:10
87 M Jude Stone 41:23
88 MV40 Matt Broadhead 41:26
103 F Letty Hancock 42:56
105 MV50 Paddy Treehowes 43:05
106 FV40 Lucy Woodward 43:11
121 FV50 Catherine McKeown 45:41
122 MV50 Ryan Talley 45:51
124 FV50 Nada Ross 45:56
136 FV40 Christine Booth 46:50
139 F Emily Jones 47:07
150 MV40 Chris Smith 49:12
154 FV50 Fran Marshall 49:49
158 MV40 Jason Kelwick 50:38
159 FV60 Nicole Nield 50:51
160 MV50 James Eberlin 50:53
168 MV60 Paul Shelton 52:22
176 MV50 Simon Gleadhall 55:42
178 FV60 Jo Gleig 56:42
179 FV40 Megan Ohri 56:54
183 FV40 Nancy Stuart 58:02
189 MV40 Andrew Buckley 59:24
191 FV50 Philippa Moorhead 01:06:19

Full results are available here:

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