2022 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships Bilbao

Race Date: Sunday 18th September 2022

Can’t find much information out about this and perhaps Abbie and Danny will elaborate but credit needs to be given where credit is due.

Abbie and Danny went to Bilbao to race in the European Triathlon championships and both did amazingly well. The race involved a 1st run of 10 km then a bike ride of 40 km followed by a 2nd run of 5 km.

Photos courtesy of Cath Dawson

Abbie finished 2nd in her age category with a 10k of 38.09, a ride time of 1.13.00 and a 5k time of 20.22.
Danny finished 8th in his age category with a 10k of 38:35, a ride time of 1:11:48 and a 5k time of 19:39.

Category results for Abbie: here
Category results for Danny: here

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