Ashbourne SeeSaw Half Marathon 2022

Race Date :  6th of March 2022

Report by Helen Strong

From SBR Events, who also do the Longhorn, the SeeSaw is an out and back on the Tissington Trail. Barely noticeable incline on the way out; downhill on the return. In 2020 the tunnel right at the start (and end) of the course was flooded to about knee-height with freezing brown water, but luckily the entire course was completely dry this year. A well-packed gravel surface with no unpleasant surprises meant road shoes were fine.

Distances from 5k to HM on offer, so plenty of marshalls to turn folks round at the right place (an improvement on last week’s Grim debacle) and they were all quite lively, which makes a difference when the course itself can be a bit dull. Don’t get me wrong; the Derbyshire Dales are lovely but the course is basically straight and flat, plus, as a relatively small event, I was completely on my own for large sections of it. I might’ve appreciated the scenery but I was rather preoccupied by the most unpleasant noises coming from over my right shoulder…

The previous day’s forecast suggested 8 degrees and dry, which would be perfect. In fact, it was just above freezing at the start. Few things make me quite as grumpy as being cold, so I was in no mood to endure the chap who tailgated me for most of the outbound leg – he informed me that I was a bit quicker than his usual pace, so he planned to stick with me in the hope of a PB. He might have gotten away with it, too, had he not been spitting loudly and frequently, well within earshot. Obviously I was far too polite to say anything, but it did give me the impetus I needed to shake him off after the turnaround.

Despite my dodgy knee giving grief from mile 10, I was still very happy with my time. No goody bag or free t-shirt, or even a banana, but a blingtastic medal with a glittery train on it!

The winners were Sam Owen (Ilkeston RC) in 01:16:15 and Fiona Usher (unaffiliated) in 01:43:31

Full results :

Helen was the only Strider in the race, placed 2nd in her category.

Name Position Category Position Category Time
Helen Strong 25 2 F55-59 1:54:56



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