Berlin half marathon and 25k result and report by Richard Pegg

Race Date: Sunday 15th May 2022

Each year there is a fantastic 25k race in Berlin. The event was started by US serviceman stationed there at the end of WWII. It comprises of a start from outside the Olympic stadium down into Berlin before looping back up to finish actually inside the stadium. There are 10k, HM, 5×5 relay and 25k available. It is a popular event with striders who built up quite an attendance before covid struck in 2020.

Richard Pegg entered the 25k and Nancy Stuart opted for the Half Marathon option.

Berlin has an excellent parkrun in Hassenheide Park. It has a good track with a great hill in the middle all followed up by a superb cafe offering buffet breakfast. Take note all run directors! Richard and Nancy ran (well trotted round) the course. As with all Parkruns it seems, we met up with runners from Northern Ireland, Sunderland fans doing a tour of Europe before going back for the play-off finals (sorry Owls fans) and someone that had run the Holymoorside 10k the week before!

For those who do not know, Berlin offers a great weekend with a mix of chilled relaxation and a chance to witness a City steeped in history. From Frederick the Great developing a modern peaceful city in 19th century before WW1 through WW2 and the Cold War to the pulling down of the Berlin Wall, there is much to discover.

The run was on a very hot day so was a gruelling affair. Richard Pegg was home on 2hrs 10 mins and Nancy on 2hrs 38mims.  The event has an iconic finish on the fine blue track inside the same arena that Jesse Owen ran on. Then after a tough climb up steps the runners go into a recovery area selling water, soft drinks, apples, bananas and proper strength beer!

To top it off our runners took a dip in the Olympic Pool before going back into town for more food and drink.

A great weekend perfect for running. We will now be back next year!

Can’t find the results yet. Will update when I find them


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