Big School Run 2022 Results and Report

Report By: Mandy Taylor

Race Date: 27th August 2022

A ‘first’ time 12hour event hosted at Worksop College and run by Curlys Athlete Events. It sees participants running 5k laps around the college grounds and to complete as many laps as they can.
It is open to both teams and soloists, and options also include camping or boarding.

I entered this event as my NY resolution to undertake a monthly race was about to be broken, there appeared to be little choice in August on the dates I was available. I booked this on the 1st Aug just 1 week after the Manvers 12hr event with the belief that I was fit enough. And just maybe I could pass the 38 mile mark which I achieved at Manvers.   It also ticks some of the boxes in that there are aid/feed stations at the end of each lap and toilets.  A comfort zone.

The race starts at 7am with registration between 6-6.30, this meant getting up at 4.45 for brekkie and travel.  It was a chilly morning, and pulling up at the college it was plain to see the mist covering the ground, lovely picture, but my thoughts were…wet feet, before we even start!  Having registered and collected the T-shirt and buff, I went and chatted to some of the marshals. I was informed that the route went ‘down the lane here and past the field into the woods, back out across the field, round by the soloist aid station across a grassy bank, through into some more woods, circulating round there back on the field and round into some more woods before doing a circuit of another field to the start/finish area’ while pointing all around. I was cold, confused and nerves kicked in. I also acknowledged to myself that actually since booking the event I hadn’t really done any training, only twice had I reached a 10miler. 5 weeks since my last long run suddenly felt like a long time ago. It left me thinking, not prepared not going to like this race.

The start/finish line was in front of the beautiful college building about 100 runners gathered. The bell went and we were off.  There is no doubt about the description re being multi terrain, within a 3mile lap, you came across, tarmac road, gravel lanes, open fields, spongy/mossy paths as well as the trails through the woods.  Annoyingly you doubled back upon yourself several times, taped off and marshalled so no cheating, but the whole route was well sign posted. No getting lost.

The marshals were friendly and music was played at various points. The feed stations well stocked.

The sun came out early and by the time I’d done 6 laps (19miles) I was drenched, as several others were, a change of clothes and a break was called for.  For some strange reason I couldn’t face the usual treats that I take, cereal/protein bars, Tcakes, bread n jam. Ended up with a few jelly babies and a bag of salt n vinegar crisps (at 10.30am!)

I’d gone with a friend at this point we ran/walked a further three laps together. He then pulled out due to the terrain playing havoc with his ankles.  It was also noted at this time there had been several accidents and marshals dispatched to spray paint tree roots and other offending tripping hazards. Oops.

Another break left me eating more crisps (two bags in one day – unheard of) and a Freddo chocolate bar! (really, on a run!) And after the watch had been recharged I set off again. I actually started to like it at this point, there was shade in the woods, a slight breeze started and the ‘annoying’ double backing on yourself was great, it meant you could cheer fellow runners on and be cheered on yourself. Even the spray paint on the trees looked good.

My speed was drastically reduced, lack of training, not able to eat and the heat left me walking a fair bit of the time.  But essentially I plodded on. Determination to pass the 38 mile mark.

Sadly, I just didn’t have enough get up n go to complete all 12 hours. Fatigue definitely kicked in even with 3 x half hour breaks during the day and I had to clock out after 11 hours 1min.

But -a very big But, I did get to pass my target.  I’m so pleased with the 15 laps. Totalling 46.5 miles (or 75k).  A new record for me.

I think I deserved those two extra choc Freddos that I sneaked out and ate on the way home 😊

The race was won by:

Aerobically Challenged with 27 laps.

Soloist -female
Sharon Messam with 19 laps

Soloist -Male
Mark Fielding with 19 laps

I came in at 21st  ( but 6 of those were teams – so I’m going to say I came in 15th). Ed’s note: Mandy was also 6th solo female and 3rd F50-59!
There were 78 finishers but 6 of those were teams.

Link to full results here.

Pos Name Cat Distance Cat pos
15th solo Mandy Taylor F50-59 46.5 miles 3


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