Brighton Marathon 2022 Results and Report

Report By: Kate Waddicor

Race Date: Sunday 10th April 2022

Brighton Marathon was not on my race plan this year until I found out that my son was running it.  I wanted to support him and decided I would be better at running than spectating (there is no way I would be running with him but I could be with him to collect our bibs, get to the start etc).

I ran this race in 2017 when it was really hot – a temperature of 21C was higher than they expected and there were lots of issues for runners regarding overheating and lack of water as runners were using the water to cool down. (Said the email that came a few days after the race reported.)   I had never seen so many runners experiencing difficulties before. They were super prepared for a hot day this year – I’ve not seen so many water stations and St John’s Ambulance crews.  (Sadly I did see some runners in difficulty around the 22 mile mark and at least one ambulance was in action.)

For my son and myself it was a great day, perfect weather, we both did it!

Some highs and lows –

  • If you fancy a run which ends on 3 miles of coast it is perfect, virtually a flat finish and masses of support along the Brighton sea front towards Brighton Marina
  • If you like a race where there are some out and back sections it is good for seeing the faster runners (I was able to see my son three times!)
  • I spotted other Striders (sadly I don’t know their names and I seem unable to search the results for our Club name)
  • I was cheered on by a runner from Chesterfield running club as he over took me – he recognised the SCS t shirt of course and said he loved Sheffield Half!
  • I was cheered by a runner from Hillsborough and Rivelin Club (every little helps as they say)!
  • I was cheered on by a runner who had seen me at Ashby 20 and Sheffield Half – she said she recognised the SCS t shirt
  • If you like a race where there are lots and lots of loos in the start area and on the course – this is it!
  • If you like a race with water about every 2 miles – this is it!
  • If you like a race with entertainment this is a good one!
  • There was an amazing cavalcade of retro scooters and classic minis – fantastic to see!
  • The course is well spectated for the majority of the race, Hove was really good as was the sea front!
  • We started in Preston Park – it was well organised with different start times for different anticipated finishing times. The 10k event started first.
  • There were ‘last chance loos’ in the start area!!
  • We managed to drive to about 1.5 miles from Preston Park so the walk was a nice warm up!
  • My son-in-law and grandson were on the course and able to see both of us twice!
  • There was an option to have a tree planted rather than receive a t shirt

Lows – to be honest it depends on your point of view!

  • We had to collect our numbers from the Race Village – this is not my favourite thing about some of the bigger events (London and Brighton to be honest!).  I am not a fan of looking for opportunities to spend money on kit, food, trainers, souvenirs etc, I am all about the run! (And supporting our local running shops when I need kit.)  I drove down on Friday so we could get our bibs that day and avoid the crowds on Saturday.  Nothing wrong with Race Villages but also, nothing wrong with getting your bib in the post beforehand!
  • There was no bag drop on the day of the race, we had to leave our bags when we collected our bibs.  What to pack?  What would the weather be like? I opted for my Striders hoodie, a pair of trousers, a pair of socks and a piece of flapjack.  Some people had shoes, jackets, kitchen sinks etc , etc.  I guess it depends how far you have to travel after the race.  Fortunately the day of the race it was reasonable weather and we were okay walking to the Park and waiting for the start in foil blankets from previous races.  So glad it wasn’t raining!
  • As the finish was on the sea front it was really congested and took a while to get away from the Race Village – the walk did me good though
  • We received our goody bags when we collected our bibs – nice idea but would have liked the protein bar after the race!  Anyone who is old enough to remember a kids TV programme called Crackerjack will understand that at the end of a race as you are given your medal, a bottle of water, a banana, an apple a silver blanket and a can of alcohol free lager you do wonder how much you can carry!  I guess I could have refused things? Am I being picky here?!
  • It is an expensive event especially as I entered quite late by which time entry was £75.  I think it is currently £65 for next year’s event (but not for me)!

I ran Manchester Marathon the week before so Brighton was always about getting round.  It was about being with my son.  It was my 6th race in 6 weeks – starting with Norton 9.   It was my slowest marathon in a time of 4:23:44 but that still bagged me first FV65 so I am happy!

I was fortunate to be able to stay with my son so did not need to book accommodation.  I stayed for a few days and by the time I drove home I felt fully recovered!  Nothing like running around with a 6 year old to keep your legs moving post run and for ice cream opportunities!

The race was won by Alix Ramsier in 2:29:07 and first woman was Melissah Gibson in 2:51:06.  There were over 8000 finishers. Great efforts from other Striders -Jeni and Alasdair coming in sub 3:45 and Philip sub 4 hours. Looks like some perfect pacing!  Sadly Robert Hoffman didn’t finish but got to 30k in 2:29.

Link to full results here.

Pos Name Cat Time Cat pos
1,673 Jeni Harvey F35-39 3:44:11 23
1695 Alasdair Menmuir M40-44 3:44:27 228
2719 Philip Kelly M45-49 3:58:26 279
4339 Kate Waddicor F65-69 4:23:44 1


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