Damned Dairies: Congleton Half Marathon 2022

Race Date: Sunday 2nd October 2022

Figures from the Animal and Plant Health Agency indicate that Cheshire has one of the densest dairy herd populations in the country. For a race run largely on scenic country roads therefore, it would not be unreasonable to see the odd friesian cow or two. However, in an event reminiscent of the Stainforth Ten many decades ago when the race was interrupted by a train at a level crossing (those who rather foolishly jumped the barrier were later disqualified), at 5km the leaders at Congleton found their progress interrupted for about a minute by a herd of the said ladies off to the milking shed. This specific reason for a poor time is to be found in the Runners Book of Excuses, Chapter 4 verse 2.

Damn you, you damned dairies cry the athletes in a fury (photo Newtown Farm, words Dylan Thomas)

Back to Congleton, which by then had become a ten mile race rather than half marathon, where Caroline takes up the narrative “…she (Diane McVey, Wilmslow) was there the whole race just close enough so I could hear people shout second lady or first ladies! Then about mile 10 came up to my side but didn’t pass, it was a proper race from there. We provided entertainment for the other runners as well as spectators, all asking who had won at the end, which I couldn’t tell them as I didn’t know!” Now, if you ever come to a Thursday track session, be sure that you will be nagged about two things: 1, not to stand around on the inside lane and 2, to RUN THROUGH THE LINE. This discipline served Caroline well as she held on to claim victory even though they were both credited with the same gun time. Chip doesn’t count in a true race, it’s the gun time that matters.

Caroline enjoying the Autumn sunshine early on in the race. (racephotos.org.uk)

Results now including club and age category detail. Overall winner was Andrew Miles (Vale Royal) in 1:11:36. Congleton 2022 Results

Pos Name Cat Time Chip
18 (1) Caroline Brock F35 1:25:30 1:25:30
138 Des Ryan M55 1:45:23 1:45:17

Caroline with less than 400m to go. “I’d not seen these, the gap is bigger than I remember, no idea how I managed to claw it back!”

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