Dronfield relays result

Race Date: Sunday 10th July 2022

14 teams of 6 and 8 solo runners took part in the Dronfield Way last weekend. Superbly organised by Rachel Rea with assistance from the rest of the organising team (Vicky Hawkins, Helen Smith, Rob Davies, Andy Green, Joe Buckman). I proved the fact that if you are bad at something, you don’t get asked again, therefore I never got the safety pin role this year. Thankfully, I did remember the tables and the much needed water carriers (filled too, you know) There was Pimms and shortbread to replace the winter mulled wine and mince pies that were on offer at the end of each leg at Christmas

Everyone seemed to have a great time and sweated their way through their respective legs or the full round. The emphasis was very much on racing but having a good time, without too much concern about the results. This is what makes this event such a fun and relaxing event to host.

There are 40th anniversary Striders Dronfield Way limited edition mugs to hand out to the winning teams and that will be done on Sunday at the Striders party at Bradfield.

If you want to have a winter edition you may have to petition Rachel Rea as she didn’t sound too keen. See you at the relays in either December or next July!

Solo Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Paul Smith Male 2.19.22
4 Warren Brown Male 2.30.06
5 Mandy Taylor Female 2.37.07
6 Sarah Percival Female 2.49.08
6 Dave Beech Male 2.49.08

Striders Team Results/Runners

1st place Dangerous Dancing Doggies

Leg 1 41:18.7
Leg 2 35:29.5
Leg 3 42:15.4
Total 1:59:03.6
John Egginton
Wei Chen
Steve Frazer
Dimitrios Mamalopoulos
Malcolm Baggaley
Will Hitchmough

2nd place Bus Ladies

Leg 1 36:11.3
Leg 2 40:33.3
Leg 3 44:50.6
Total 2:01:35.2
Abbie Pearse
Frances Roberts
Collette Gains
Zanthe Wray
Gillian Allen
Katie Morris
3rd place One Step a head torch (UHTG team)
Leg 1 41:21.8
Leg 2 38:00.5
Leg 3 53:31.4
Total 2:12:53.7
Dean Young
Simon Wiles
Alison Barrett
Jennie Stevens
Lee Mills
6th place Relay Easy
Leg 1 51:29.2
Leg 2 43:01.3
Leg 3 44:26.9
Total Time 2:18:57.4
Alex Shepherd
Yasmine Chaffer
Philip Swirles
Mark Norman
Kevin Wong
Jo Gleig

8th place Team Discovery

Leg 1 44:50.8
Leg 2 37:28.1
Leg 3 57:10.0
Total Time 2:19:28.9


Robert Hoffmann
Jonathan Legon
Des Ryan
Steve Blake
Ben Elliott
Jason Kewick

9th Place Dronning up that Hill

Leg 1 49:42.8
Leg 2 45:33.3
Leg 3 47:56.5
Total time 2:23:12.6
Robin Nelson
Kathy Liddiard
Katelyn McKeown
Simon Gleadhall
Kevin Haighton
Heather Knott

10th Place Premature Accelleration (UHTG team)

Leg 1 46:27.7
Leg 2 49:41.6
Leg 350:51.5
Total Time 2:27:00.8
Mark Platton
Harriet Davies
Chris Walker

11th Place Dron-gos

Leg 1 47:58.7
Leg 2 38:16.4
Leg 3 1:03:28.4
Total Time 2:29:43.5
Adam McAuley
Matt Broadhead
Cara Hanson
Nada Ross
Jane Evans
Christine Booth

12th Place 5 Women and a FunNeil

Leg 1 54:45.1
Leg 2 50:23.3
Leg 3 47:11.5
Total time 2:32:19.9
Neil Schofield
Sarah Allcard
Karen Clark
Jane Huws
Hannah Murton
Cath Ager

13th Place Falling with Stile

Leg 1 1:08:46.5 (22)
Leg 2 39:39.3 (8)
Leg 3 47:22.9 (7)
Total Time 2:35:48.7
Laura Mella
Emily Green
Neal Pates
Andrew Rowland
Lisi Briggs
Julie Armstrong

Full results: here

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