Ferriby 10miler January 2022 Result/Report

For a while now I’ve wanted to do a race back home (near Hull) and stumbled upon the Ferriby 10. On signing up, in my head this would be a fairly flat route. Through reading race reviews over the past couple of weeks however, I came to terms with the fact this would not be the case…

Nevertheless I was excited for my second race of 2022 after the Round Sheffield Run winter edition, (surely it couldn’t be hillier than that!)
After a blustery Saturday, the conditions on Sunday were perfect – chilly but still.
The field at the start line was full of excited runners, many purple vests (City of Hull Athletics Club who had organised the race) along with lots of other clubs. No other striders though! (Admittedly this helped my parents spot me along the way) Most were discussing how the first 5 miles were the tough part, and once over it would be a downhill/ flat second half to the finish.
I figured it would be a good idea to bank some time in the few downhills during the first half, as the uphill sections definitely felt long and sapped the energy. After hitting the 5 mile mark I took a bit of a chance and  opened the legs up until approximately 9.5 miles (another sharp incline). I enjoyed running with a small group, and was shocked/ worried  at the pace every time I looked down at my watch… how long could this go on for?!
Living in Sheffield definitely helped with the final push up to the finish line, where I saw a few runners struggle. Still, not quite as tough as the Porter Brook ascent!!
A great event and atmosphere, I will definitely be signing up for next year’s edition. Lots of helpful marshals and a water point at some point (not quite sure when as all a blur!)
738 finished the race
First male Kris Lecher 50:47
First female Nicola Devine 59:09
Results below 🙂
Pos Name Cat Time
31 John Wilkinson Open 59:33


Race report by John Wilkinson.

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