Glutton for Punishment: Buxton Half Marathon

Race Date Sunday 29 May 2022

Writing this on Tuesday morning, everything still hurts. Sore big toe as the left foot slid forward on the final descent into Buxton, sore calves due to an exaggerated lean forward on the steeper climbs, sore quads caused by hammering the downhills trying to make up time lost on the 1508ft of ascent (more than the Sheffield Half) and an aching left hip probably caused by the camber (country lanes are fine if you can manage to run on the crown of the road for thirteen miles). The sore back was the result of poor core stability whilst a bruised ego from yet another personal worst rounded it all off quite nicely.

Looking at some of the post-event photographs on Facebook, everyone seems to be so happy – this must be the effect of the endorphins for elsewhere the race is described as brutal. With no polite introduction to the discomfort the first three miles are a steady climb up the A53 but once the route goes off the main road the hills (and descents) get steeper. As advertised the course passes through some stunning Peak District scenery if energy is available to take it in; Glutton Dale may seem cute but it ain’t. Personally, the finish through the Pavilion Gardens was the best part.

First FSEN all set to fly after the three mile slog up the A53. This next section proved to be awkward at times with some large vehicles trying to access the Buxton Raceway. (photo

Organisation was spot on with three feed stations, rubber mats laid over the nine cattle grids, hoards of marshals, a tastefully reserved t-shirt with a near absence of Formula One style advertising logos, a finishers medal if you have the hairy chest to set it off whilst you could even enter on the day. With this race being part of the club’s road race championship nearly thirty Strider’s took part with Gillian Allen (FSEN) and Nick Booker (M50) gaining top spot on the podium for their relevant age group. This strength in depth led to Gillian Allen, Sarah Allcard and Alison Barrett being the first team, Kathryn Liddiard, Kate Scott and Tessa Bainbridge second team with Adrian Fisher, James Storey, Nick Booker and William Hitchmough first Men’s team.

Kevin Haighton enjoying one of the few flat parts of the course before collapsing over the line. He also got shoved out of the way at one of the feed stations for his pleasure. (photo

First woman across the line was F45 Hayley Gill (Matlock) 1:27:35 and first man Gareth Griffiths (Unattached) 1:17:22. Full results:

Buxton Half Marathon 2022 Results

Posn Name Cat Chip Gun
12 Adrian Fisher M45 01:25:23 01:25:25
18 James Storey M45 01:26:47 01:26:49
20 (1) Nick Booker M50 01:28:36 01:28:37
27 William Hitchmough MSEN 01:29:59 01:30:04
37 Darren Barnett M45 01:32:14 01:32:18
46 (1) Gillian Allen FSEN 01:34:12 01:34:15
73 Malcolm Baggaley M40 01:39:04 01:39:08
90 Sarah Allcard F45 01:42:25 01:42:28
99 Joe Dunne MSEN 01:43:26 01:43:30
100 Alison Barrett F45 01:43:27 01:43:42
102 Steve Gourlay M40 01:43:56 01:44:09
111 Kathryn Liddiard F35 01:45:22 01:45:27
113 Neal Pates M55 01:45:36 01:45:41
133 Steve Blake M45 01:48:17 01:48:33
161 Kate Scott F55 01:53:27 01:53:31
162 Tessa Bainbridge F35 01:53:23 01:53:39
164 Peter Brown M60 01:53:56 01:54:08
174 Abigail Hickinbottom F40 01:55:15 01:55:31
176 Sarah Percival F40 01:55:39 01:55:46
186 Karen Clark F55 01:57:22 01:57:32
187 Kevin Haighton M60 01:57:28 01:57:43
198 Brian Jenkins M45 01:58:11 01:58:26
232 Christopher Smith M45 02:03:17 02:03:38
245 Kevin Wong M45 02:07:19 02:07:40
254 Christine Booth F45 02:09:33 02:09:57
262 Nada Ross F55 02:11:20 02:11:40
271 Kimberley Macpherson FSEN 02:13:08 02:13:25
333 David Bownes M65 02:55:07 02:55:29
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