Handsworth Hobble

Handsworth Hobble

Tuesday  21st  June 2022

Race Report by Stuart Jones

Two things, maybe three.

The route is right for a short (5.25 mile) mid-week urban trail sort of race. It takes place in a green space you’d not expect to find in the city, but this is Sheffield so there are loads of such spaces here. The route actually includes a short section of the Sheffield Way Relay, the string on the balloon that the Strava map showed after uploading.

A quick-ish dash down over broad field paths, sharp turns and sharp up-hills in an ancient native woodland – Shirtcliffe Wood around Shirtcliffe Brook – that was run twice round, and a thigh sapping effort back to the finish. Easier than The Trunce the night before, less scenic than The Crosspool Crawl (in July), much more fun than staying in.

Sections of the route were single-file, so chat with other runners was mostly over the shoulder to the person behind. I got chatting to one Strider who was in front of me, about how there were a great many Striders in the field – we could see six ahead of us out of seven runners. He did not realise who I was and so proceeded to tell me about the Trail Series, the Fell Championships and the Road Race Championships. It was when he started telling me about the Ruby Anniversary Week series that I decided to overtake. ‘Oh, it’s you’, he said. (NB To Stuart – this race isn’t part of any series – it was just for fun – editor)

‘Winning’ is not something many participants seriously anticipate; we are there for other reasons and get other motivations and pleasures from racing. Except it turns out that I was a winner – only age category perhaps, but a winner nonetheless. I felt a ‘winner’ by completing the first of two laps in the wood without being lapped by a fast ‘un. Some are winners by posting a PB, or simply completing the course. We win when a run makes us smile – the sunshine did that on Tuesday evening. Well done to all 47 Striders who raced and finished. Particularly well done to Robert Byers (SCS) who won, in 34:10, and Caroline Brock (SCS Captain) who was first female, in 37:43.

My first ever race prize was in the Slow Bicycling Race at my Primary School Sports Day, aged 10, I think. I got a Certificate. I had to wait about 12 years for another prize – second place at the Lyke Wake Festival Short Race (2nd place – out of 2 adult runners that year). I won a four finger KitKat once (New Year’s Day Awakener, Whitworth), which was nice. A bar towel at a race in Ireland. A (large) bag of Jones Crisps at the Anglesey Half. A Spot Prize of a sack of kindling at the Ravenstonedale Red 10k. I might have to declare the win at the Handsworth Hobble to avoid being categorised as a ‘professional’ in future.

Full results here

Striders running, and their positions and times:

There were 162 runners / finishers

Position Name Cat Time
1 Robert Byers Msen 34:10:00
3 Paul Middlemas MV40 36:25:00
4 Stephen Schubeler MV40 36:49:00
7 (1) Caroline Brock FV35 37:43:00
10 (2) Abbie Pearse FSen 38:56:00
11 Adrian Fisher MV40 39:00:00
13 (3) Rebecca Pease Fsen 39:29:00
14 Tom Bassindale MV45 40:13:00
16 Malcolm Baggaley MV40 40:57:00
19 (5) Gillian Allen FSen 41:26:00
20 James Fulcher MV35 41:29:00
24 (8) Frances Roberts FSen 42:19:00
31 (9) Sarah Moss FV45 42:27:00
46 Matt Broadhead MV45 45:56:00
47 Peter McCoy 46:03:00
49 (11) Sarah Allcard FV40 46:08:00
52 Robin Nelson MV40 46:29:00
53 (12) Kathryn Liddiard Fsen 46:31:00
55 (13) Jacqui Herring FV40 46:52:00
60 Steve Blake 47:50:00
63 Neal Pates MV50 48:09:00
71 Stuart Jones MV60 48:54:00
72 (17) Katrina Gillett 49:00:00
73 (18) Sian Evans 49:01:00
78 Peter Brown MV55 49:46:00
80 Will Day 49:59:00
85 (20) Tessa Bainbridge Fsen 50:41:00
88 (21) Nicola Rafferty FV50 50:57:00
90 Philip Kelly MV40 51:15:00
91 (22) Kate Scott FV50 51:27:00
94 (24) Ann-Marie Mulvey FSen 51:47:00
99 John Armitage MV50 52:08:00
103 Kevin Haighton MV60 52:37:00
110 (31) Karen Clark FV50 53:14:00
119 (33) Christine Booth FV40 55:11:00
120 (34) Sally Twigg FSen 55:16:00
127 (37) Nada Ross FV50 56:57:00
136 (42) Katelyn McKeown FV40 58:58:00
139 (44) Jo Gleig FV60 59:59:00
140 (45) Nicole Nield FV60 01:00:11
142 Simon Gleadhall MV50 01:01:10
144 (47) Jane Huws FV50 01:01:49
145 (48) Rosie Smith FSen 01:01:55
146 (49) Charlotte Allen 01:02:04
149 Clive Downing MV60 01:04:03
152 (52) Georgina Bell FV50 01:04:24
158 (54) Abi Norman FV40 01:07:20


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