Haweswater half marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 6th March 2022

If you know me, you should know by now not to ask me for advice on how to train for a half marathon – or any other race for that matter! Anyway, even by my standards this was bad! Saturday involved a 13.5 mile recce of leg 2 of the Bob Graham round with 5,500 feet of climb. The weekend was also spend with my Dad so plenty of beer was flowing.

This race is a permanent in my calendar as it’s really close to my Dad’s house, he marshals it, it’s organised by my second claim club, Eden Runners, and it’s usually an open Striders house at my Dad’s over the weekend. Unfortunately, no other Striders joined me this year but it was good to bump into Ian Stinson at Bampton village hall.

Despite the energies expended the day before, I felt pretty strong. There was obviously some effect from Saturday but it  was that extra bit of race pace. Stamina wise, I felt I could have kept going for much longer which is important at the moment.

This race is always the first Sunday in March and I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful setting and with an 11.30am start, there’s the bonus of a nice lie in too.

The men’s race was won by James Salt of Eden Runners in 1.13.10. The women’s race by Yasmin Small of Bingley Harriers in 1.27.40.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
52 Ian Stinson MV 50 1.37.07
72 Nick Burns MV 50 1.41.51

Full results: here


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