Manvers Dusk til Dawn

23rd July – 6pm until 6am

Race Report – by Mandy Taylor

An overnight challenge in which runners complete a 3.21 mile circuit around Manvers Lake from 6pm until 6 am the following morning.

The course itself starts from the lakeside front, around the car park and progresses towards the Trans Pennine Way for approx. 1 mile. A short sharp turn brings you alongside a residential area and back into the grounds of the lake to the starting point. The route is mainly flat.

I have undertaken this event a few years ago, however there was torrential rain and most of the paths were flooded, so was looking forward to attempting this again in nice dry weather.

Registration is from 4pm, and camping available should you feel you need it.

The weather held out, though there a few odd showers, however, it was very warm, this run just caught the tail end of a heat wave. I ran in a (Striders) vest for most of the night which is not the norm for me, you would normally find me wrapped up!

I met up with a couple of Striders, and friends that were running. (and a few pics taken)

After the obligatory health and safety pep talk we were off.

Although the course was sign posted and marshalled, there was one junction about 100 meters from the start, unfortunately runners ahead of me took the wrong turn, having previously checked the course out and chatted to some of the marshalls – I was very sure everyone ahead of me was going the wrong way!

I shouted out several times ‘you’re going the wrong way’ before people came to a halt, so avoiding those behind me I ran up a slight bank and across a grassed area, turned round to find everyone beginning to follow me. Ahead were the marshalls with arms flaying trying to get our attention. The only time I was in the lead!

Rest of the run was fine and nothing untowards happened as far as I’m aware. I crossed paths a few times with my fellow Striders and all was well.

The food/drinks station had moved since my last visit but was still visible and had plenty of variety to keep you going, tea n toast, coffee and cake, sweets, crisps or nuts as well as juice/water.

The marshalls around the course were nice and encouraging.

Another difference to the run was the lap counting procedure, previously you collected a band and these were counted up when you finished. This time round you had to ‘log’ your lap with a marshal, who noted name and number. Laps were tallied up at the end.

I aimed for 12 laps minimum – this I did 3 years ago. Secretly would like to have gone further, but for the second time, about the 20 mile mark, I came down with stomach cramps that resulted in me having to take a 90 min break. (I’m now thinking overnight running may not be for me, as it doesn’t happen during the day) And I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep on going. Luckily after a short walk I got back into the swing of it.

As the run is down to personal challenge, you can stop at any time, this isn’t classed as a DNF and you still receive a medal with a certificate detailing your total distance.

Unfortunately certificates given out had incorrect totals on, laps had been counted at 3.1mile instead of 3.2 miles. (I know not much of a difference, but I did point this out, after all every 10 laps meant being 1 mile short!)

This has been acknowledged and the results amended to show correct distances.

There isn’t really a ‘winner’ in this challenge, we’re all winners for being there, but Matthew Blackburn ran the furthest, with 21 laps (67.41 miles).

Striders’ results are as follows:

Laps Miles Name
18 57.78 Al Cook
16 51.36 Helen Davis
12 38.52 Mandy Taylor
10 32.1 Cara Hanson
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