Northern Athletics Cross Country Relays Result

Race Date: Saturday 22nd October 2022

The Northern Athletics Cross Country Relays saw running clubs from all over the North converge on Graves Park, on October 22nd. Tents were erected, club banners planted, and a selection of merchandise and food stalls completed the festival feel. Four well-supported categories of boys and girls races prior to the senior competition made for a family atmosphere.

Steel City Striders took four teams each for the senior men’s and women’s competitions, with the men running in teams of four and the women in teams of three. Conditions were generally good, with some mud in the short sections under the trees.

Support on the day was great, with runners who’d completed their legs cheering others home; and thanks to those Striders who weren’t running but turned out to support the club.

Abbie Pearse powers up the hill

The Strider Senior Women’s ‘A’ Team finished in a creditable 8th place out of 58, and I’m happy to report that the women’s ‘C’ team have been reinstated after some lobbying from Richard Pegg.

59 complete teams and 8 incomplete teams took part in the Senior Men’s race. Winners were City Of York AC in a time of 40:44. 58 complete teams and 7 incomplete teams took part in the Senior Women’s race. Winners were Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield in a time of 37:10.

Striders Results: Senior Women

Pos Name Time
8 Women A 38:43
Abbie Pearse 12:20
Gillian Allen 13:36
Caroline Brock 12:47
Pos Name Time
37 Women B 47:42
Kathryn Liddiard 15:06
Karen Clark 17:12
Laura Mella 15:24
Pos Name Time
50 Women C 54:49
Laura Rangeley 18:41
Carol Beattie 19:46
AnneMarie Mulvey 16:22
Pos Name Time
54 Women D 59:19
Jo Gleig 20:24
Nada Ross 18:55
Jane Huws 20:00

Striders Results: Senior Men

Pos Name Time
35 Men A 0:49:58
Paul Middlemas 12:30
Malcolm Baggaley 13:08
John Kilcoyne 11:32
Louis Wood 12:48
Pos Name Time
43 Men B 0:53:49
Chris Lawson 13:08
Jim Rangeley 14:03
Tim Holt 13:39
Russell Stevenson 12:59
Pos Name Time
54 Men C 1:00:14
Ian Stinson 14:16
Paul Chapman 16:42
Robin Nelson 14:34
Paddy Treehowes 14:42
Pos Name Time
58 Men D 1:03:50
Richard Pegg 15:21
Alex Pegg 15:11
Ian Black 14:52
James Eberlin 18:26

Full results can be found on the SportSoft Race Results website.

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