Redbrik Chesterfield 10k

Race Date: Sunday 16th October 2022

Race Report by Robin Nelson

It was a cool, bright day in Chesterfield on Sunday October 16th, good conditions for the 10th fixture in the Striders Road Race Championships, the Redbrik Chesterfield 10k. Free town centre parking was allocated to runners, making it a short walk with fellow Striders Chris Smith & Kevin Wong to Queens Park and the start/finish line. All the customary facilities were arranged around the green, and a good contingent of Striders was gathering.

Striders in the sunshine pre Chesterfield 10k

This year I’ve tried to pick fixtures I’ve never run before. The Chesterfield 10k was one such race, but I learned that cobbles and some minor hills were the only terrain of note, so I was hopeful of improving this year’s 10k time.

It was a thoroughly sponsored event; Redbrik had plentiful ‘for sale’ signs, and weren’t holding any back. The race pack was a RedBrik bag with a RedBrik technical tee and a RedBrik magazine marginally slimmer than the IKEA catalogue, which explained the £5 postage fee – ouch! Thanks to Laura Mella and any other Striders who instead picked up a few race packs on behalf of others (from Redbrik Estate Agents of course!).

After I’d deposited my Redbrik goodies at the bag drop and had a short jog, we were coaxed into the start pen for a captive warm up routine, which would have made an impressive mosh pit if we’d all thrown ourselves into it. A short delay followed due to the traditional ‘car driven on to the course somewhere’ and then we were off.

The route was on closed roads around the town, and was well supported in parts; Social Secretary Schofield had even made the trip to cheer from a grassy knoll before cross country duties, thanks Neil!

I started between the 45 and 40 minute pacers. A mile or so in, the 45 minute runner came past me; unlike me, he appeared to be running an even pace, ie powering up the hills and not using the downhills so much. When he came past a second or third time with a small entourage, it was annoying enough to make me kick on and escape the distraction. Whatever helps!

I didn’t spot any distance markers (Redbrik sign blindness?), and I avoided checking the distance on my watch, so it was great when I heard the first marshal shouting “not far to go!” and recognised the entrance to the park from earlier. A lap and a half spiral to the finish was a slight sting in the tail; but the cobbles had been pretty flat, the hills not too hilly, and I’d escaped that 45 minute pacer, finishing where I’d hoped.

Catching our breath on the grass and draped in heart-shaped Redbrik medals, word got around that Strider Rob Byers had won; that and news of a few Strider PBs could not even be spoiled by the food tent running out of bacon.

Rob Byers, winner with a new course record

Finally, a word for those Striders who immediately jetted off to represent us at Norfolk Park, great work!

832 runners took part in the 10k. Winner of the men’s race was our own Robert Byers in a time of 00:32:56, a new course record. The women’s race was won by Hayley Gill of Matlock Athletics in a time of 00:37:45. 42 Striders took part.

Striders Results

P Name Cat Cat P Chip Time
1 Robert Byers MSEN 1 00:32:56
32 Russell Stevenson M40 5 00:40:52
55 Colin Hardy M40 11 00:42:04
56 Sarah Allcard F40 4 00:42:02
72 Yasmine Chaffer FSEN 4 00:42:57
63 Richard Lewis MSEN 40 00:42:28
85 Robin Nelson M40 16 00:43:25
88 Laura Mella FSEN 5 00:43:42
102 Jonathan Bickley M60 1 00:44:15
103 Jim Rangeley MSEN 63 00:44:15
108 Jacqui Herring F40 5 00:44:23
110 Kathryn Liddiard FSEN 7 00:44:36
128 Paul Bentley M60 2 00:45:45
150 Des Ryan M50 14 00:46:35
158 Katie Gill FSEN 9 00:46:46
165 Jamie Smith MSEN 89 00:47:11
193 James Lawrence M40 42 00:48:17
195 Kevin Haighton M60 4 00:48:13
199 Andrew Rowland M50 25 00:48:23
200 Mandy Taylor F50 5 00:48:20
201 Kevin Wong M40 46 00:48:21
209 Matt Robinson M40 49 00:48:57
212 Christopher Brown MSEN 100 00:48:38
222 Rachael Toon FSEN 14 00:49:21
248 Graham Hague M70+ 3 00:49:57
255 David Hewitt M60 8 00:50:06
303 Sarah Percival F40 18 00:51:29
326 Christine Booth F40 20 00:51:46
330 Chris Smith M50 45 00:51:58
373 Andy Telford M40 85 00:53:16
386 Joel Driver M40 86 00:53:54
414 Laura Rangeley FSEN 35 00:54:51
416 Catherine Nettleton F40 35 00:54:55
449 Kate Waddicor F60 7 00:55:44
472 Mark Norman M40 101 00:56:20
490 Simon Gleadhall M50 73 00:56:52
504 Billy Costello M50 74 00:57:12
519 Niki Mills F40 61 00:57:36
583 Clive Downing M60 24 00:59:59
601 Sara Copp F40 75 01:01:33
718 Jude Bissell F50 47 01:07:17
820 Julie Armstrong F50 62 01:28:38

Full results can be found on the FR Systems website.

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