Road Championship 2022: Update 1 of 12

Race Date: February 13th, 2022

Our 2022 Road Championship opened with the Valentines 10k, based in the town voted Least Romantic Place in the UK 2013, Scunthorpe. You can judge for yourself whether setting up a 10k race adequately answers the criticism, but there were cup cakes decorated with love hearts at the finish, if that helps. These may, perhaps, have been to take home for a loved one, but there was enough room for doubt that most people scoffed them on the spot.

45 Striders toed the start line. With only your 5 best scores from 12 races counting towards your final Championship score, there’s still plenty of time for those who weren’t there to join in. For a full run-down of the race list and scoring system, see our Road Championship page. Full standings will always be available in The Spreadsheet.

There’ll be a stand-alone race report focusing on the race in due course, and a Road League update too, but for now, here’s how the Road Championship is shaping up:

Age-Graded Table

Our age-graded table handicaps runners by age and sex, giving all runners in the club a chance to compete with everyone else on an equal footing. For more information about the calculations, see BMAF’s explanation.

As it’s all about cutting across the club’s demographics, it’s always nice to see a good mixture of age categories near the top, and we have that again after today’s race: Abbie Pearse (Fsen) leads from Kate Scott (F55) and Rob Byers (MSen). Expect Lucy Broom (F45), Nick Booker (M50) and Helen Eberlin (F75) to feature too when they’ve run some races.

Pos Name Cat Age-Grade
1 Abbie Pearse FSen 82.35
2 Kate Scott F55 79.85
3 Rob Byers MSen 79.59
4 Karen Clark F55 77.23
5 John Wilkinson MSen 75.58
6 Sarah Allcard F45 74.76
7 Seth Kirby Msen 74.50
8 Jonathan Legon M55 74.39
9 Richard Pegg M60 73.23
10 Luke Mair MSen 73.22
11 Laura Mella F35 72.73
12 Catherine McKeown F50 70.02

Age-Graded Table, 70%+ scorers only. For the full table, see The Spreadsheet.

Age Categories

As the season goes on, these updates will focus in on those at the top of each category, but for now there’s plenty of space to show everyone. See below for our age group standings after the first race. Also included are some names to look out for as the competition progresses, fast runners who’ve signed up for the Road League so are presumably planning to run some of the races.

Senior Men

Pos Name Points
1 Rob Byers 90.47
2 John Wilkinson 85.90
3 Seth Kirby 84.63
4 Luke Mair 82.97
5 Robert Cook 78.98
6 Ed Startup 71.42
7 Jamie Smith 62.91
8 Tim Fawcett 51.61

Watch out for: Richard Pearson.

Senior Women

Pos Name Points
1 Abbie Pearse 97.01
2 Laura Mella 84.48
3 Cara Hanson 76.93
4 Helen Royles-Jones 72.14
5 Laura Greaves 65.03
6 Rosie Smith 61.89
7 Lisi Briggs 58.66
8 Ellie Bull 58.32
9 Victoria Johnson 57.28

Watch out for: Harriet Davies.


Pos Name Points
1 Malcolm Baggaley 72.76
2 Tim Holt 72.42
3 Robert Hoffmann 72.19
4 Robin Nelson 66.76
5 Steve Blake 60.96
6 Kevin Wong 55.72
7 Billy Costello 52.55
8 Adrian Good 51.32

Watch out for: Paul Middlemas; Stephen Schubeler; Adrian Fisher.


Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Allcard 78.88
2 Catherine Nettleton 67.32
3 Zoe Dickinson 64.81
4 Nancy Stuart 58.60

Watch out for: Lucy Broom.


Pos Name Points
1 Jonathan Legon 70.16
2 Adam McAuley 68.34
3 Andy Hinchliffe 60.47

Watch out for: Nick Booker.


Pos Name Points
1 Kate Scott 76.33
2 Karen Clark 72.88
3 Catherine McKeown 70.41
4 Nada Ross 67.68
5 Vikki McAuley 63.02
6 Jane Huws 60.21
7 Jude Bissell 56.11
8 Julie Armstrong 46.60


Pos Name Points
1 Richard Pegg 66.54
2 Kevin Haighton 57.30
3 David Bownes 45.86

Watch out for: Paul Bentley.


Pos Name Points
1 Jo Gleig 55.60

Watch out for: Stephanie Street.


Watch out for: Graham Hague.


Watch out for: Helen Eberlin.

The next race in the championship is the Dronfield 10k, on March 13th. You can enter now, but may want to double-check whether you have a deferred place from 2020 first.


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