Road Championship 2022 Update 2 of 12

The second leg of this year’s Road Championship was held at the Dronfield 10k. We had some stellar performances at the front of the field, with Striders winning both the men’s and women’s races, along with plenty of personal heroics further back. There’s a fuller account in the race report, but here’s how things now look at the top of the championship standings:

Age-Graded Table

Our age-graded table handicaps runners by age and sex, giving all runners in the club a chance to compete with everyone else on an equal footing. For more information about the calculations, see BMAF’s explanation.

Our top 3 are unchanged at this update, with Abbie Pearse a nose in front and Kate Scott and Rob Byers neck-and-neck behind her.

Four runners who’ve only run once are scoring at the same sort of level—Adrian Fisher, Caroline Brock, Stephanie Street, and Carol Beattie—making this a competition to watch.

Pos Name Cat Age-Grade
1 Abbie Pearse FSen 162.71
2 Kate Scott F55 158.82
3 Rob Byers MSen 158.30
4 Karen Clark F55 152.41
5 Jonathan Legon M55 149.80
6 Sarah Allcard F45 146.95
7 Laura Mella F35 145.47
8 Richard Pegg M60 141.22
9 Catherine McKeown F50 138.35
10 Adam McAuley M50 137.12

Age-Graded Table, top 10. For the full table, see The Spreadsheet.

Abbie Pearse, Dronfield 10k 2022 winner

Age Categories

25 Striders have run both races so far, and they inevitably dominate the age category standings. With 106 Striders having run at so far, there isn’t room for everyone below, but the tables below include everyone who’s run twice, plus the most competitive runners with only one score on the board so far. For full standings, see The Spreadsheet.

Senior Men

Rob Byers has had a flying start to the season, but Richard Pearson showed on Sunday that he has the form to keep him honest. No slacking at the front, Rob.

Pos Name Points
1 Rob Byers 190.47
2 Richard Pearson 97.14
3 John Wilkinson 85.90
4 Seth Kirby 84.63
5 Adam Brooks 83.12
6 Luke Mair 82.97
7 Robert Cook 78.98

Rob Byers, Dronfield 10k 2022 winner

Senior Women

Abbie Pearse has really kicked on over the last year or two, emerging as arguably the fastest woman at the club right now. Only Caroline Brock has shown comparable form in the Road Champs so far.

Pos Name Points
1 Abbie Pearse 197.01
2 Laura Mella 173.72
3 Helen Royles-Jones 147.61
4 Lisi Briggs 117.91
5 Caroline Brock 97.76
6 Rachael Toon 80.52
7 Kathryn Liddiard 80.15
8 Katie Gill 78.10
9 Cara Hanson 76.93


Malcolm Baggaley leads the M40 category, but he’ll be looking over his shoulder, wondering which of Adrian Fisher, Michael Cockings, and Stephen Schubeler might be preparing a challenge.

Pos Name Points
1 Malcolm Baggaley 153.60
2 Robin Nelson 138.35
3 Steve Blake 128.24
4 Kevin Wong 118.62
5 Adrian Good 102.45
6 Adrian Fisher 92.09
7 Michael Cockings 91.84
8 Stephen Schubeler 90.70
9 James Storey 86.47


Sarah Allcard had home advantage in Dronfield, but it’s her trip to Scunthorpe that’s earned her the F40 lead ahead of Jacqui Herring. Sarah Percival is also in the mix.

Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Allcard 159.34
2 Catherine Nettleton 136.45
3 Zoe Dickinson 132.10
4 Nancy Stuart 114.56
5 Jacqui Herring 81.24
6 Sarah Percival 77.73


Jonathan Legon has the early M50 lead, but club captain Neil Schofield looks menacing behind, having shaken off the fatigue from the previous day’s cross country and turned in a big performance.

Pos Name Points
1 Jonathan Legon 148.97
2 Adam McAuley 144.36
3 Neil Schofield 79.80
4 Paddy Treehowes 75.45
5 David Bocking 72.24

Jonathan Legon, Dronfield 10k 2022


Kate Scott (another who ran the cross country on Saturday) has had an edge over Karen Clark in the F50 category so far this year, but on Sunday Fiona Jeffries was faster than both of them. Caroline Greenough also showed well.

Pos Name Points
1 Kate Scott 155.05
2 Karen Clark 147.83
3 Catherine McKeown 143.01
4 Nada Ross 137.11
5 Vikki McAuley 127.10
6 Jane Huws 123.19
7 Jude Bissell 112.58
8 Julie Armstrong 95.34
9 Fiona Jeffries 80.92
10 Caroline Greenough 78.48


Richard Pegg leads the M60s, but last year’s champion Paul Bentley was fastest in Dronfield by a minute, so looks like the one to beat.

Pos Name Points
1 Richard Pegg 135.65
2 Kevin Haighton 122.47
3 Paul Bentley 70.54
4 David Hewitt 64.55
5 Ian Blackburn 63.67


After an attritional Yorkshire Vets’ Cross Country on Saturday involving hill reps in Norfolk Park, I took two days’ recovery and still felt sore afterwards. Carol Beattie raced the Dronfield 10k the next day instead, and was just a few minutes down on F60 leader Stephanie Street.

Pos Name Points
1 Stephanie Street 71.43
2 Carol Beattie 67.90
3 Jo Gleig 55.60
4 Gillian Pearson 51.89


David Parry and Graham Hague were separated by just 20 seconds on Sunday, so could hardly be closer at the top of the M70 table.

Pos Name Points
1 David Parry 63.61
2 Graham Hague 63.21
3 Terry Armstrong 53.34


Sheena Woodhead continues to run well, and takes an uncontested lead in the F70 category.

Pos Name Points
1 Sheena Woodhead 56.84

The next race in the championship is the Sheffield Half Marathon on March 27th. The few of you who haven’t entered yet can still enter here. If past years are anything to go by, we’ll have even more Striders running then than on Sunday, so there’s bound to be plenty of movement at the next championship update.

After that we’ll have a 6 week break before the Holymoorside 10k on May 8th. In the interval the Fell Champs will get underway at Kinder Downfall on April 17th, and the Trail Champs at the Cat Lane Canter on April 24th.

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