Robin Hood 100

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th September 2022

A strange year for race participation numbers – and so it was for this year’s edition of Hobo Pace’s Robin Hood 100. Only 48 runners gathered on the start line, around half of which were attempting their first 100-miler. This was my 5th, so I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. The temperature was perfect on the day, no more than 15 degrees and mostly sunny, but the night time temperature seems to have caught a few people out, as 15 runners dropped out during the night.

With so few runners on the course, it meant long periods of running on my own. I’m normally quite happy with that, but to not see anyone between mile 59 and mile 99 was quite mentally challenging. When I did finally see another runner it was with a touch of sadness, they’d stayed ahead of me for such a long time, it seemed cruel to pass him with less than a mile to go. And after nearly 24 hours of racing we were so stiff it must have looked like an ironing board chasing a clothes horse! Anyway, pass him I did – and I’d finished, collected my finishers t-shirt, and was setting off for home as he crossed the finish line – he was that tired!

My goal this year was to enjoy myself, to not worry about time or position, and I had no pace notes, or expectations, but to finish in under 24 hours is always a nice result.

There’s no RH100 next year – who’s with me in 2024?

Pos. Name Time
10th Al Cook 23:28.25
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