Rotherham 10k

Rotherham 10K Road Race
Sunday 15th May 2022.

An invitation from Accelerate Store in Attercliffe to run a road 10K they were sponsoring in Rotherham dropped into my inbox a few weeks ago. Well why not, I thought. Nice to be asked.

Still a bit dizzy from last weekend’s Lakelands Trail race, Staveley, I donned my Striders vest and number this morning and headed for Clifton Park. Rotherham Radio, Accelerate and Scott Running were all there to greet the 376 10K runners of all ages alongside hoards of primary school aged children who ran a fun one mile race while the rest of us panted post race.

The course leaves the park and does a circuit of the town centre on a flattish route before rising a little at the 6K point on Broom Road towards Wickersley Road and home via the Herringthorpe playing fields giving a total elevation of 104 metres.

I do like a nice hill. it breaks up the race and gives you the impression when you summit, lungs busting, that you can go really fast over the descent. Even better is that Rotherham hills aren’t quite as steep as Sheffield hills so it’s worth a little trip out to the east for a change of scene and terrain.

I’d had a disappointment racing in Falkirk a few weeks ago so my aim today was to recover by running a faster 10K and improve my UK ranked position as well as a Striders 10K record.

Once the communal warm up and loud shouts of encouragement were over we were away from the museum in Clifton Park. A tour of the town, well marshalled and with road closures so we had a safe run and then the climb towards Middle Lane began. By that time I had run consistently well, felt strong and was enjoying the race. The final stage into the park gave us a 400m climb up to the finish which I relished as a final challenge before the end.

Happily I managed to knock a good 35 seconds off my Falkirk time to come in at 46.22 gun, 46.20 chip, 67th runner of 376, 5th woman after some very able Harriers, first FV65 and second fastest vet woman regardless of age. John Rothwell, coach, promptly reported a 96.98% age grading and top of the UK F70 rankings. That’s a very pleasing result.

Slightly annoying then for the results to completely miss me out because I’m actually F70, not F65. All the super athletes got their awards on a stage but I missed that bit and got the F65 award quietly after the ceremony. It’s not unusual for older women and perhaps men? to go under the radar when they get to a certain age. I’d love the organisers to take account of the grey brigade who now feature more in race events than they might have done previously. I wonder why 69 was the cut off age in this event?

My thanks to the race organisers notwithstanding the oversight for a lovely morning out. Thanks to Accelerate for setting the record straight and awarding a shiny voucher for new kit.

First male was Jamie Hall, Senior, Hallamshire Harriers in 31.45
First woman was Hannah Walker, Dronfield RC in 38.03.

Dot Kesterton, F70.
15th May 2022.

Full Results are available here

Striders Results :

Rank Bib Name Club Category Gender Position Category Position Time Chip
20 219 John Kilcoyne Steel City Striders RC M40 18 4 0:39:07 0:39:07
67 217 Dot Kesterton Steel City Striders RC F65 F70 5 1 0:46:22 0:46:20
128 298 Saleem Rafiq Steel City Striders M40 111 20 0:52:02 0:51:52
292 324 Rebecca Robson Steel City Striders RC F45 87 10 1:04:33 1:04:12
337 229 Duncan Lennox Steel City Striders RC M60 222 13 1:10:29 1:09:45


Dot with Chris Jones and Harvey Martin

Dot with Chris Jones and Harvey Martin

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