Round Sheffield Run Summer 2022

Report By: Laura Mella

Race Date: 25th – 26th June 2022

Round Sheffield Run is a unique race that uses the route of the Round Sheffield Walk, covering about 15 miles of paths around some of Sheffield’s best trails and parks. The route is split into 11 stages of running, with breaks in between where you can recover and walk. What an absolutely genius idea! The event takes place over 2 days and starts and finishes in Endcliffe Park. Runners use a dibber to clock in and out of each stage, and the data is collated at the end, giving you a printout of your times for each stage and your overall time across all stages.

This was my first time at RSR, and as usual I got myself into a tis about the logistics, meaning I arrived unreasonably early, giving myself an excessive amount of time to get nervous. Luckily, other Striders arrived fairly soon after, and I was able to bore them all with my questions about how the dibber worked, how best to carry said dibber, and debate whether or not to carry a water bottle (I decided not to).

After watching the elite wave set off at 8.30am (which included several speedy Striders), I didn’t have long to wait until it was my turn at 9am. Once I was out of the park and had done my first dibbing at a road crossing, I realised it was pretty simple and that I could stop worrying about it and just enjoy the experience.

The race itself was absolutely brilliant fun. The atmosphere all the way round was great, with runners greeting each other as they passed, and sharing words of encouragement. Stage 1 passed relatively easily before the pain of stage 2, which takes you through the Porter Valley and up, up and up some more to Mayfield Alpacas, which was horrific! Somewhere on this stage I twisted my ankle and ended up hobbling for a bit, but I was still managing to pass a few people where space allowed, and managed to get to the feed station sooner than I had expected, where water and jelly babies were in abundance. Stages 3 and 4 are an absolute delight, descending through the Limb Valley and Ecclesall Woods, which must be one of the most fun trails in Sheffield. Popping out on Abbeydale Road South, we then faced a walk up 98 steep steps into Ladies Spring Wood, and I was thrilled to see Kevin Wong smiling at the top before I went on my way again. By the time I got to stage 7 in Graves Park, I was starting to feel tired, and refuelled with some banana before the walk towards Cat Lane Woods. This was one of the longer walking sections, and I could feel my legs starting to get stiff as I walked, making it harder to get going again down the next two descents through the woods and on to Meersbrook Park, which must have one of the best views of the city there is. Stage 10 was absolutely brutal, taking us up through Nether Edge and into Brincliffe Edge woods, which is yet more up, punctuated with some horrible steps that were rude and unnecessary. Finally we dropped back through Chelsea Park and into Endcliffe Park for a ‘sprint’ finish. My sprint was less than impressive, but I gave it a good go.

There was a nice crowd cheering us over the line at the finish, and the atmosphere was brilliant. I collected my medal (excellent double-sided design which also functions as a bottle opener) and handed in my dibber, which told me my time was 1.34.41. I had no time in mind and no expectation when I entered this race, but I feel pretty happy with how it went. Mostly though, it was just a brilliant experience, and I can’t wait to do it again. I celebrated with pizza and beer in the park, which is set out like a mini festival, and was the perfect way to end the day.

On the Sunday I also had the pleasure of returning to Endcliffe Park as a volunteer. Once I got over the shock of the super early start and achy legs, I had a great day! Fellow Strider Tessa Bainbridge and I were working together on number collection for the pairs running in the later waves, and then we got the fun job of handing out medals as people crossed the finish line. It was so lovely to cheer people over the line and see the smiles, hugs and tears as people celebrated. The only slight sadness was seeing all the Striders who’d finished their race chilling out with a beer and only being able to wave from afar instead of joining in!

All in all, it was a brilliant weekend, and if you are thinking about whether to enter for next year (or the winter edition!), I would recommend it wholeheartedly. It turns out that running with little walks in between is loads easier than just running without stopping. Who knew?!

For most this event is much more about the experience than posting a fast time but it’s always good to pick up a prize or go faster than last time!

Fastest time over the two days was by Andrew Heyes (Hallamshire Harriers) in 1:01:39 and fastest solo lady was Alice Daniel (also HH) in 1:15:39.
I say ‘solo’ lady because the Striders mixed pair, Abbie Pearse and Danny Bent came home in the faster time of 1:15:20! Needless to say that Abbie and Danny won the mixed pair category.

Striders in the top three:
Rob Martin first MV60 (1:37:16).
Clare Gilmer second FV50 (1:37:13).
Paul Middlemas second MV40 (1:10:43).
Rebecca Pease third Senior ladies (1:18:59).

Abbie Pearse/Danny Bent first Mixed Pair (1:15:20).
Caroline Brock/Amy Earnshaw (just Caroline is a Strider) second Female Pair (1:22:29)
Gillian Allen/Frances Roberts third Female Pair (1:23:29).

There is a team competition which comprises the aggregate times of the top 3 pairs in your team or club. There are prizes for the top Female, Male and Mixed teams. To count towards the Striders team the pair had to be entered as Steel City Striders.
Striders were:
1st in the men’s team (pairs William Brown/Matthew Chappell, Nigel Barnes/Warren Brown, Adam Newell/Rowan Cogger),
3rd in the ladies team (Gillian Allen/Frances Roberts, Claire Grisdale/Jeni Harvey, Catherine McKeown/Zoe Dickinson),
3rd in the mixed team (Abbie Pearse/Daniel Bent, Douglas Armstrong/Hannah Milton, Grace Fennelly/Lawrence Fennelly).

Full results here.

All Striders’ results.  I’ve tried to include pairs where I believe at least one of the team is a Strider!

Female Pairs

Pos Name Time
2nd Caroline Brock/Amy Earnshaw 01:22:29
3rd Gillian Allen/Frances Roberts 01:23:29
14th= Claire Grisdale/Jeni Harvey 01:38:09
18th Naomi Tuckett/Grace Tebbutt 01:40:16
30th Claire Wren/Ellen McLeod 01:49:16
43rd Bex Millar/Steph Millar 01:53:29
44th Leah Evans/Jane Evans 01:53:49
51st Charlotte Civico/Sian Gulliver 01:55:45
88th Letitia Hancock/Bethany Hancock 02:04:41
116th Catherine McKeown/Zoe Dickinson 02:09:34
153rd Sara Copp/Niki Mills 02:16:32
165th Corinne Howse/Jane Beagley 02:18:47
185th Karen Gardner/Melanie English 02:22:33
186th Helen Smith/Rachel Rea 02:22:58
196th Catherine Needham/Sarah Howson 02:24:34
239th Rebecca Robson/Jane Clawson 02:45:33
242nd Mandy Delaney/Julie Jones 02:50:45
259th Lesley Brosnan/Julie Armstrong 03:28:20

Male Pairs

Pos Name Time
19th William Brown/Matthew Chappell 01:26:40
23rd Sergei Shkul/Evan Shkul 01:27:41
24th Nigel Barnes/Warren Brown 01:27:44
47th Jonathan Legon/Kevin Firth 01:36:42
60th Adam Newell/Rowan Cogger 01:39:24
62nd Robert Davies/Mark Platton 01:39:46
63rd Paddy Treehowes/Tom Cossham 01:39:48
86th Andy Green/Mark Baines 01:47:08
91st Roger Purkiss/Roger Brookes 01:50:01
106th Martin Lane/Kevin Corke 01:53:17
107th Luke Eccleston/Felix Barr 01:53:22
135th Simon Nicholson/Andy Wier 02:11:29
143rd John Bridgman/Paul Bridgman 02:16:38

Mixed Pairs

Pos Name Time
1st Abbie Pearse/Daniel Bent 01:15:20
26th Deborah Richards/Billy Yates 01:38:13
42nd Steve Blake/Cara Hanson 01:43:31
45th Douglas Armstrong/Hannah Milton 01:45:15
66th Grace Fennelly/Lawrence Fennelly 01:49:24
128th Harriet Davies/Alex Green 02:00:21
140th Matt Broadhead/Elin Reeves 02:02:10
178th Caroline Brash/Isaac Smith 02:06:31
201st Guy Woodcock/Nicola Platts 02:10:44
267th Richard Cook/Melanie Cook 02:22:29
269th Nancy Stuart/Richard Pegg 02:22:38
273rd Natalie Khoaz/James Norton 02:23:48

Female Senior

Pos Name Time
3rd Rebecca Pease 01:18:59
14th Annie Chambers 01:31:20
15th= Kathryn Liddiard 01:31:37
21st Laura Mella 01:34:41
30th Chloë Barlow-Huurdeman 01:37:33
92nd Sally Twigg 01:52:59
115th Laura Fletcher 01:57:29
133rd Laura Rangeley 01:59:50
140th Emily Mackness 02:01:06
215th Rosie Smith 02:14:03
230th Lisi Briggs 02:17:26
243rd Ruth Tucker 02:21:14
281st Laura Greaves 02:33:05
305th Anne Petit-Jean 02:49:10

Female V40

Pos Name Time
8th Sarah Allcard 01:33:40
10th Jessica Brooks 01:34:05
11th Alison Barrett 01:35:05
20th Jacqui Herring 01:40:18
25th Abigail Hickinbottom 01:41:22
72nd Sarah Percival 01:53:16
96th Christine Booth 01:57:26
169th Kathryn Carter 02:05:35
215th Rachel Morrison 02:12:11
219th Paula Risby 02:12:34
274th Lindsey Banks 02:21:44
325th Sarah Soden 02:30:45
330th Tracey Gledhill 02:32:48
336th Megan Ohri 02:33:25
337th Abi Norman 02:33:33
380th Nicole Brown 02:49:20
383rd Sara Hinch 02:52:50

Female V50

Pos Name Time
2nd Clare Gilmer 01:37:13
11th Mandy Taylor 01:43:51
14th= Nicola Rafferty 01:47:09
19th Caroline Greenough 01:49:04
20th Kate Scott 01:49:09
21st Carole Haste 01:49:17
23rd Karen Clark 01:49:38
31st Heather Knott 01:55:08
44th Fran Marshall 01:57:55
47th Nada Ross 01:58:46
59th Joanne Battersby 02:02:09
101st Cath Ager 02:16:03
144th= Rosemary Royles 02:26:42
162nd Jessica Pemberton 02:34:27
170th Philippa Moorhead 02:41:34
179th Lynne Smart 02:48:08
189th Denise Adams-Jackson 03:27:52

Female V60

Pos Name Time
12th Jo Gleig 02:09:10
13th Kate Waddicor 02:09:18
21st Helen Eberlin 02:19:45

Male Senior

Pos Name Time
6th Robert Byers 01:10:26
41st Daniel Cubitt 01:21:59
88th Oliver Carlisle 01:29:03
99th Edward Startup 01:30:55
133rd Michael Wu 01:34:17
146th Sam Ainscough 01:34:57
161st Chris Boland 01:37:00
187th Jim Rangeley 01:39:21
217th Daniel Horner 01:42:44
302nd Marc Spencer 01:55:24

Male V40

Pos Name Time
2nd Paul Middlemas 01:10:43
6th Stephen Schubeler 01:15:45
9th James Storey 01:16:25
15th Darren Barnett 01:19:08
19th Michael Cockings 01:19:58
51st Malcolm Baggaley 01:26:20
63rd Peter Keats 01:29:39
70th Robert Hoffmann 01:30:33
89th Ben Corrigan 01:33:13
91st Stephen Slater 01:33:25
127th Robin Nelson 01:37:37
150th Paul Johnson 01:39:21
151st Chris Roberts 01:39:22
163rd Philip Kelly 01:40:30
169th Ian Black 01:41:08
174th Jake Phillips 01:41:27
186th Ste Doherty 01:43:05
202nd Steve Gourlay 01:45:03
230th Steve Yeoman 01:47:17
236th Dave Marsh 01:48:23
246th Shane Porteous 01:49:27
249th Mark Warriner 01:49:49
305th Matt Robinson 01:55:57
322nd Saleem Rafiq 01:57:48
327th Philip Swirles 01:58:12
334th Jason Kelwick 01:58:52
343rd Joel Driver 01:59:46
355th Benjamin Deen-Swaray 02:01:54
356th Jake Webb 02:02:08
362nd= Brian Jenkins 02:02:36
366th Kevin Wong 02:03:34
377th Billy Costello 02:06:46
397th= Andy Telford 02:09:45
405th Andrew Buckley 02:13:47
427th Matt Paice 02:39:22

Male V50

Pos Name Time
10th Wei Chen 01:24:11
22nd Al Cook 01:29:31
28th David Naisbitt 01:30:52
45th Keith Tud Jackson 01:35:02
Jonathan Legon 01:36:42
78th Roger Walters 01:43:59
86th Ben Heller 01:45:03
90th Steve Haake 01:45:32
105th Richard Eastall 01:48:45
129th= Crispin Jones 01:52:06
132nd Phil Kelly 01:52:28
139th John Liddle 01:54:12
155th Trevor Cleveland 01:57:25
157th John Armitage 01:57:40
164th Simon Wiles 01:58:31
181st Christopher Smith 02:00:54
191st David Bennett 02:03:20
208th Gary Roche 02:08:31
209th James Eberlin 02:08:48
227th Nick Burns 02:14:58
228th= Simon Gleadhall 02:15:08
254th Michael Twigg 02:43:06

Male V60

Pos Name Time
1st Rob Martin 01:37:16
9th Kevin Haighton 01:47:01
13th David Beech 01:48:30
33rd Mark Jackson 02:01:53
51st Paul Shelton 02:13:26
54th Clive Downing 02:15:35
79th Michael Ingham 02:56:31



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