Round Sheffield Run – Winter Edition

Sunday 9th January 2022

Report by Jo Gleig,  photos by Stephen Schubeler

The few days leading up to the inaugural Winter Edition were quite dramatic, with the Event Facebook page alternatively filling us with trepidation and encouragement- one day photos of deep snow, the next day Matt Rimmer galloping fearlessly down Limb Valley bathed in a golden glow. However, Sunday morning dawned with ideal conditions- not too cold, and no rain, snow or wind.

The weeks before had made it muddy, but that was to be expected, and the only really icy part that slowed you down was the top of Limb Valley, so I think we got away with it quite well for January, and at least didn’t have the draining heat of the summer. It would have been tricky without trail shoes but was quite manageable with them.

On arrival at Endcliffe park for my 8.45 start it was busy, but only small queues to get the timing device. Met a few Striders including Kevin Wong who offered to run with me, so we said we would see how it worked out, and I set off before him while he was faffing with his luggage (wasn’t going to let him get away with an easy run all the way round!) He caught me up by end of Stage 2, that bit was hard, as it usually is, with different speeds going up the last rocky hill, and not much room to overtake for the faster runners. Then we stuck together, or rather he ran and I tried to keep up, then he waited at the end of the stage, quite a good system I think.

For me, it did actually work out how it describes in the blurb, which I was a bit dubious about beforehand, – but we did keep bumping into people at the walking points, which was a really enjoyable aspect of the event. By Chancet Wood a few later starters had caught up, Nada, then Chris and Cara, and we kept them in sight to the end. Once Graves was out of the way I was pleasantly surprised that I still felt human, and the Feedpoint there was bustling and sociable, with Sara Copp’s using her vocal skills to get people to put their rubbish in the right place.

Norton Lees is a great section, I love that run down, as I did it a lot in lockdown with the Cat Lane Canter routes, then we met Kate Scott and Dave Beech and witnessed Kate’s spectacular paratrooper roll down Meersbrook grass, she just bounced up and carried on. Then just Brincliffe Edge to do, where after seeing Cath Ager and Jo Rose marshalling cheerfully, I tried to pretend it was just the beginning of a Heeley Monday run. (except one where I was a bit tired)

At the finish it was well organised with plenty going on, although more of a Glastonbury in the mud festival than a sitting on the grass festival, just a bit cold to stay long really. But a great, really well organised event. I was happy with my time- I didn’t know how it would compare to a Half Marathon time, as the distance is slightly less, and the walking breaks really help (for me anyway, maybe not if you just like to keep going), but the conditions are tougher. I was 10 mins less than a Half, so was happy with that, I think chasing after Kev helped!!


84 Striders ran during the race.  Mat Rimmer did a pre-race loop.    The race was won by Jarlath McKenna of Bristol and West AC in a time of 1:07:13.  Fastest lady round was our own Abbie Pearse in a time of 1:18:50 (mixed pair).  Fastest solo lady was Alice Daniel (no club) in 1:19:16.

Club Results – Top 3 Pairs of each category of the same club.  Striders came first for Male Team, and 2nd for Mixed Team.

Pos Name Class Time
20th Daniel Bent/Abbie Pearse MIX 01:18:50
28th Caroline Brock F 01:20:46
29th Steven Frazer MV40 01:20:51
32nd John Wilkinson M 01:22:20
68th Daniel Cubitt M 01:27:54
105th Sian Evans F 01:32:03
121st David Naisbitt MV50 01:33:29
126th Nick Burns MV50 01:34:00
138th Lee Kenton M 01:34:47
152nd James Hogg M 01:36:43
166th= Rob Martin MV50 01:38:02
168th Douglas Armstrong MV40 01:38:03
177th= Ben Heller MV50 01:38:32
181st Oliver Carlisle M 01:38:35
200th Naomi Tuckett F 01:39:43
206th= Jeni Harvey F 01:40:20
224th= Sam Ainscough M 01:40:58
255th Ben Corrigan MV40 01:42:38
264th Malcolm Baggaley MV40 01:43:02
268th Jim Rangeley M 01:43:07
274th Robert Davies/Mark Platton MPAIR 01:43:52
279th= Simon Chatten MV50 01:44:01
281st Adam McAuley MV50 01:44:07
282nd= Ian Richardson MV50 01:44:10
292nd Katie Gill F 01:44:32
305th Jessica Brooks FV40 01:45:00
311th= Shane Porteous MV40 01:45:25
315th William Brown/Matthew Chappell MPAIR 01:45:29
331st Stephen Slater MV40 01:46:03
352th Sarah Allcard FV40 01:47:10
355th Clare Gilmer FV40 01:47:17
365th= Stephanie Millar F 01:47:44
383rd Philip Kelly MV40 01:48:18
403rd Richard Smith MV40 01:49:29
410th= Andy Green/Maz Kaczmarczyk MPAIR 01:49:41
416th= Gary Mitchell MV50 01:49:57
453rd Grace Fennelly F 01:51:57
463rd Gemma Thorpe/Kate Fairhurst FPAIR 01:52:27
474th Simon Wiles MV50 01:53:00
479th Des Ryan MV50 01:53:08
493rd Sarah Percival FV40 01:53:58
502nd Liam Russell/Stuart Jones MPAIR 01:54:06
513th Jude Stone M 01:54:41
516th= Martin Lane/Kevin Corke MPAIR 01:55:00
522nd Richard Eastall MV50 01:55:13
542nd= Nicola Rafferty FV50 01:56:18
563rd Mark James MV40 01:57:33
571st Ryan Talley MV50 01:57:58
588th David Beech/Kate Scott MIX 01:58:36
607th Letitia Hancock F 01:59:29
637th= Nada Ross FV50 02:00:56
653rd= Harriet Davies/Alex Green MIX 02:01:29
701st Katelyn McKeown FV40 02:03:05
712th= Richard Adams M 02:03:40
715th= Karen Clark FV50 02:03:41
760th= John Nicholson MV50 02:05:19
768th Cara Hanson/Chris Smith MIX 02:05:51
772nd= Caroline Aylott FV40 02:06:02
796th Matt Broadhead/Elin Reeves MIX 02:06:55
847th Christine Booth FV40 02:09:19
850th Ella Monkcom F 02:09:29
858th Rachel Anderson FV40 02:09:44
879th Andrew Buckley MV40 02:11:02
888th= Mark Jackson MV50 02:11:43
899th= Kevin Firth/Mark Davies MPAIR 02:12:05
933rd Jane Evans/Leah Evans FPAIR 02:14:01
935th Kevin Wong MV40 02:14:06
943rd Andrew Pembroke M 02:14:51
971st Saleem Rafiq MV40 02:16:04
976th James Eberlin MV50 02:16:31
1005th Nicole Nield/Andrew Callaghan MIX 02:17:35
1050th Vikki McAuley FV50 02:20:23
1078th Paul Shelton MV50 02:22:14
1104th Jo Gleig FV50 02:23:51
1108th Mandy Delaney/Julie Jones FPAIR 02:24:11
1139th Kevin Haighton/Emily Haighton MIX 02:26:22
1164th Caroline Barnsley FV40 02:28:08
1171st= Angela Jackson FV50 02:28:33
1198th Catherine Needham F 02:30:59
1200th Sarah Howson FV40 02:31:06
1232nd Simon Gleadhall MV50 02:33:36
1262nd Stephen Schubeler MV40 02:36:14
1286th James Norton MV40 02:39:58
1330th Rachel Rea/Helen Smith FPAIR 02:47:18
1352nd Haley Moore F 02:54:15
1380th Maggie Vickers F 03:10:34
1390th Phillipa Thompson FV50 03:30:28

Melanie English FV40 – DNF due to accident requiring stitches.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

For details of stage timings and full results see

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