Sheffield Half Marathon 2022 Results and Report

Race Date: Sunday 27th March 2022
Race Report by Laura Mella

What a brilliant day this was!

The date of 27th March 2022 had been etched into my brain for a good few months – while high on endorphins after completing the Sheffield 10K in September (my first ever running event and before I joined the Striders), I’d naively entered the half without really thinking it through, and then spent a lot of time regretting my choices and wondering what I had let myself in for.

The week before the event I had a number of anxiety dreams, ranging from missing the race entirely due to forgetting to change the clocks, getting a puncture on the cycle down, and my favourite of all, Ringinglow Road being an actual cliff face that you had to scale with a rope. Thankfully, none of these things came to pass.

The day was bright and sunny, if a little chilly to start with, as Striders began to congregate and make their way up to City Hall for a team photo. As ever at races, it’s so great to see some many Striders in green and gold, excited and nervous in equal measure. I also felt very proud looking at all the pacers from the club, who do such an important job in helping people to reach their goals.

After the photo, we all headed back towards Arundel Gate. The toilet queues were ginormous, resulting in some people getting to the start line late or missing the warm up (an overenthusiastic fitness instructor asking us to wave our arms about). After a short speech from the Mayor of Sheffield, we were off!

The Sheffield Half is a tough route, almost all up for the first half with a climb that just keeps on giving, albeit in beautiful surroundings. There is the sweet relief of turning onto Sheephill Road, where you can relax a little and enjoy some amazing views, and then it’s mostly downhill all the way back, with a few cheeky inclines snuck in, to keep you working right until the end.

My goal for this event was to complete in 1.35, which seemed wildly over-ambitious, despite doing a lot of training. I planned to stick with the pacers, but almost immediately ended up ahead of them, and was too nervous to look back so just kept going. I had the mile splits handy and could see that I was going too fast on the climb, but knowing how rubbish I am at running downhill, decided to keep ploughing on so I could afford to lose a bit of time on the descent. As it turned out, I didn’t really lose any time, and by the time I got back to Hunters Bar, I realised I would easily be able to finish at my target time, if not a bit quicker. By this stage, I was absolutely knackered and my quads were starting to sting, so I eased off a bit. The stretch from the Moore Street roundabout to the finish was absolutely horrible – the slight slope felt like a mountain, and I was convinced I was going backwards at one point. Thankfully the crowds were out in force, and the shouts of encouragement powered me through to the end. I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked at my watch and my time was 1.31.14! I hung around at the finish line for a while and saw lots of Striders coming in, most looking exhausted but also beaming ear to ear.

People always talk about the amazing atmosphere at the Sheffield Half, and it was such a joy to experience. Crowds lined almost every bit of the route, clapping, cheering and giving out sweets. There was even a brass band and a choir! You couldn’t ask for more really. It’s great when someone shouts ‘Go Strider!’ as you run past, it’s a lovely reminder of the fantastic community we are a part of, and I’m convinced I can run faster in club colours. I was particularly delighted to see Colin, Caroline and others at the Knowle Lane junction with the Striders flag, whooping and cheering as we turned onto the next part of THAT HILL, and Julie with her camera as we came back down Ecclesall Road South (sorry I didn’t manage a smile!). There were also some excellent banners. My favourite was from Melanie English, which simply said ‘Don’t Be Shit’! It really made me smile, and it’s great advice for life generally.

I’ve not done many races yet, but there was something really special about the Sheffield Half for me. Seeing how well everybody ran (so many new PBs and targets smashed!) and the obvious enjoyment of running on home turf with such amazing support, a lot of people must think the same.

Same time next year?!

The first man home was Mohammed Salah of City of Sheffield in 01:09:13 and the first women to cross the finish line was Sarah Lowery for the Rotherham Harriers in 01:21:06.

How did the Striders do? Fantastically well I would say:

Position Name Category Time
9 Luke Tipping MS 01:15:21
19 Richard Pearson MS 01:18:20
44 Seth Kirby MS 01:21:23
104 James Storey MV40 01:26:11
105 Abbie Pearse FS 01:26:17
119 Luke Desforges MV50 01:27:05
122 Wei Chen MV50 01:27:16
133 Daniel Bent MV40 01:27:40
138 Darren Barnett MV40 01:27:53
148 Daniel Cubitt MS 01:28:22
156 Dimitrios Mamalopoulos MS 01:28:49
183 Will Hitchmough MS 01:29:58
204 Laura Mella FS 01:31:14
219 Russell Stevenson MV40 01:32:10
232 John Lea-wilson MS 01:32:39
243 Ben Corrigan MV40 01:32:48
262 Robert Hoffmann MV40 01:33:24
270 Rob Funnell MS 01:33:49
278 Jonathan Legon MV50 01:33:32
280 Oliver Carlisle MS 01:33:58
294 Tim Holt MV40 01:34:07
303 Neil Schofield MV50 01:34:15
305 Ashley Biggs MS 01:34:19
317 Robert Byers MS 01:34:26
326 Peter Mccoy MV40 01:34:56
334 Yasmine Chaffer FS 01:35:06
388 Shaun Kawalek MS 01:36:59
425 Peter Keats MV40 01:36:51
446 Malcolm Baggaley MV40 01:37:24
454 Nick Burns MV50 01:38:18
533 Adam Mcauley MV50 01:39:51
551 Matt Rimmer MV40 01:40:03
597 Robert Martin MV60 01:40:40
623 Sam Ainscough MS 01:41:22
641 Adam Bishop MS 01:41:39
670 Lee Mills MV40 01:41:44
682 Paddy Treehowes MV50 01:42:57
710 Stephanie Millar FS 01:42:21
770 Kathryn Liddiard FS 01:43:42
775 Chloe Barlow-huurdeman FS 01:40:25
782 Tud Jackson MV50 01:43:55
796 Katie Gill FS 01:44:05
800 Ellen Broad FS 01:43:40
815 Paul Bentley MV60 01:44:01
839 Sergei Shkul MV40 01:44:56
899 Sarah Allcard FV40 01:46:49
901 Hannah Holliday FV40 01:46:17
904 Jim Rangeley MS 01:46:24
945 Jude Stone MS 01:47:05
957 Des Ryan MV50 01:47:15
1041 Anthony Bell MV50 01:48:38
1071 Lee Kenton MS 01:49:03
1076 Abigail Hickinbottom FV40 01:49:14
1096 Kev Hewitt MV40 01:49:09
1133 Trevor Cleveland MV50 01:48:48
1138 Keith Bell MV40 01:50:55
1142 Paul Johnson MV40 01:49:50
1215 Hannah Milton FV40 01:50:03
1227 David Naisbitt MV50 01:49:17
1277 Daniel Horner MS 01:51:44
1332 Kevin Haighton MV60 01:52:05
1392 John Armitage MV50 01:52:37
1408 Amie Cushion FS 01:51:48
1413 Mark Norman MV40 01:53:49
1422 Chris Brown MS 01:50:52
1436 Jennifer Simpson FS 01:53:49
1437 David Hewitt MV60 01:53:28
1440 Stefan Barnett MV40 01:52:34
1448 Kate Waddicor FV60 01:54:13
1466 John Nicholson MV60 01:51:49
1510 Alison Pullan FS 01:50:39
1560 Andrew Rowland MV50 01:55:01
1581 Steve Blake MV40 01:53:53
1582 Ryan Talley MV50 01:54:56
1673 Chris Reece MV70 01:56:16
1692 Matt Broadhead MV40 01:57:20
1703 Helen Strong FV50 01:55:12
1710 John Liddle MV50 01:56:02
1727 Mark Warriner MV40 01:57:21
1728 Liam Russell MV40 01:57:23
1740 Phil Dooley MV40 01:56:04
1758 Jane Evans FV60 01:57:47
1853 Karen Clark FV50 01:53:55
1862 Jamie Smith MS 01:58:17
1884 Graham Hague MV70 01:57:16
1889 Brian Jenkins MV40 01:58:37
1903 Dave Marsh MV40 01:58:28
1972 Philip Swirles MV40 02:00:26
1978 Rachel Anderson FV40 01:59:09
1986 Richard Eastall MV50 01:59:24
2027 Mark Davies MV40 01:58:27
2039 Jordan Moat MS 01:59:59
2040 Ben Stittle MS 02:00:01
2072 Andy Hinchliffe MV50 02:00:17
2121 Roger Brookes MV50 02:01:16
2209 Kevin Wong MV40 02:02:36
2213 Laura Rangeley FS 02:01:59
2279 Adam Brown MS 02:03:06
2283 Joanne Battersby FV50 02:03:14
2320 Joel Driver MV40 02:04:07
2338 Jemma Anderson FS 02:04:50
2339 Cara Hanson FS 02:04:50
2358 Elaine Snowball FS 02:04:37
2420 Mark Wilson MV40 02:06:28
2429 Nada Ross FV50 02:06:34
2484 Caroline Brash FV40 02:07:29
2519 Caroline Aylott FV40 02:08:16
2526 Victoria Johnson FS 02:08:06
2551 Helen Royles-jones FS 02:08:38
2552 Neal Pates MV50 02:08:39
2561 Harry Walker MS 02:08:48
2564 Nicola Platts FV40 02:08:09
2680 Fran Marshall FV50 02:10:35
2776 Andy Telford MV40 02:11:01
2781 Helen Smith FV40 02:11:12
2888 Catherine Mckeown FV50 02:14:30
2937 Laura Fletcher FS 02:14:22
2970 Vikki Mcauley FV50 02:17:00
3005 Lisi Briggs FS 02:16:46
3039 Rosie Smith FS 02:17:37
3065 Niki Mills FV40 02:17:54
3067 Sara Copp FV40 02:17:59
3082 Angela Lester FV40 02:18:12
3087 Andrew Buckley MV40 02:16:51
3098 James Eberlin MV50 02:18:33
3128 Annabel Grundy FV40 02:19:13
3232 Gary Roche MV50 02:23:00
3304 Helen Eberlin FV70 02:24:34
3346 Saleem Rafiq MV40 02:24:46
3366 Christine Booth FV40 02:24:53
3383 Paul Newey MV40 02:27:01
3432 Ruth Tucker FS 02:28:24
3498 Tim Fawcett MS 02:30:20
3501 Eleanor Bull FS 02:30:38
3527 Christopher Smith MV40 02:30:04
3588 Jo Gleig FV60 02:36:08
3650 Gillian Pearson FV60 02:39:44
3677 Robert Hartey MV50 02:41:37
3679 Nigel Barnes MV40 02:41:37
3773 Sara Hinch FV40 02:52:16
3778 Chris Harvey MV50 02:53:24
3782 Rahul Kacker MV50 02:55:16

The above results have been taken from the official results website (although a few people may be missing – this has been sorted by Tim for anyone wondering about their results for the Striders Leagues/Championships).

The full results can be found here.

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