Sheldon Fell Race result 2022

Caroline Brock running in Sheldon Fell Race

Race date: 21 July 2022

Race distance: 6.4km

Sheldon is a lovely race, and quite unusual in that it starts at the top before taking a steep drop to the bottom of its valley and then a very steep (40%) climb back up, which leaves you struggling to muster a sprint finish even though the last bit’s downhill.

The 2022 race was won by Alex Ediker of Buxton in 22:53, and by Strider Caroline Brock in 28:96. 121 runners finished.

Striders results

P Competitor Name Category Time
9 Caroline Brock F 28:06
43 Matt Broadhead M40 33:22
49 Mark Platton M50 33:57
71 Simon Wiles M50 35:36
77 Lee Mills M40 36:36
89 Tom Nuttgens M50 38:35
92 Kev Hewitt M40 39:05
93 Andy Green M50 39:37

Full results:

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