Steel City Striders Road Champions 2022

Today’s Doncaster 10k concluded our 2022 Road Championship and Road Leagues. For full results, see our Road Championship and Road Leagues spreadsheets. For a list of our champions and runners-up, see below:

Road Championship

We’ll be awarding prizes to our Road Championship category winners and runners-up, and also to our age-graded winner, at our AGM on January 26th. The series consisted of 12 races, with points awarded based on how your time compared to the winning time, and your best 5 scores to count. As in previous years, you needed to complete 5 races to be eligible for a prize, and this year 60 club members achieved that.


Pos Name Category Points
1 Stephanie Street F65 406.17%
2 Rob Byers MSen 402.36%
3 Sarah Allcard F45 397.55%
4 Adrian Fisher M45 393.28%
5 Kate Scott M50 390.72%

Senior Men

Pos Name Points
1 Rob Byers 481.41
2 Seth Kirby 449.24

Senior Women

Pos Name Points
1 Laura Mella 436.51
2 Yasmine Chaffer 420.85


Pos Name Points
1 Stephen Schubeler 454.90
2 Adrian Fisher 437.62


Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Allcard 437.92
2 Jacqui Herring 408.07


Pos Name Points
1 Nick Booker 422.98
2 Adam McAuley 369.49


Pos Name Points
1 Kate Scott 384.04
2 Karen Clark 368.18


Pos Name Points
1 Paul Bentley 353.25
2 Richard Pegg 345.13


Pos Name Points
1 Stephanie Street 361.44
2 Kate Waddicor 347.61


Pos Name Points
1 Graham Hague 322.03


None of our F70s completed 5 championship races this year. However, we’ll keep including this category so that when someone does, we recognise that.

Road Leagues

Doing well in the Leagues shows commitment to getting the races in, but also improvement: to win the league you need to be a stronger runner this year when the races took place than you were last year when we decided which division you should go in. That’s always something to celebrate, so well done to everyone who’s been putting in the work, and getting out the results you deserve. We always love seeing club members making progress.

As with the Road Championship, there’ll be prizes for winners and runners-up awarded at our AGM.

Hendo’s Premiership

Pos Name Points
1 Seth Kirby 112
2 Rob Byers 111

Rumbelow’s Division 2

Pos Name Points
1 Russell Stevenson 119
2 Robert Hoffmann 117

Woolworth Division 3

Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Allcard 120
2 Jim Rangeley 112

Toys R Us Division 4

Pos Name Points
1 Steve Blake 120
2 Brian Jenkins 115

Cole Brothers Division 5

Pos Name Points
1 Graham Hague 120
2 Nada Ross 113

Littlewoods Division 6

Pos Name Points
1 Kimberley MacPherson 117
2 Andy Telford 116
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