Steel City Trail 10 Parkwood Springs result and report by Dave Bocking

Race Date: Sunday 18th September 2022

“Epic” was the one word description of the first ever Parkwood Springs Steel City Trail 10 run last Sunday, from 3rd place finisher Richard Lewis. “Horrible” said another cheerful participant.

The hillside of Parkwood Springs was once known as the Shining Cliff (hence Shirecliffe), so the 27 runners (including front and back markers Seth and David) probably expected one or two inclines when they set out last Sunday morning from Neepsend.

“In years to come when this is a tough race and part of a prestigious race series I will be able to say I was there for the test event” said Roger, who (we should point out for everyone to notice) also made some delicious cakes for organisers and volunteers.

And thanks to all the race team, for organising and marking out the ‘interesting’ route, marshalling key parts of the mile long hillside looming over central Sheffield that few have ever explored, and timing and scooting around the area with kit and fellow volunteers: round of applause please for Zaheer, Malcolm, Jo, Seth, Adam, Nada, Steve, Ben, Adam, Sophie, Chris, Alice and Peter.

The test route this time was around 9km with over 1,000 feet of ascent, and climbed a long steep bank from Steelyard Kelham before circuiting the main Parkwood Springs woods and playing fields then launching up (again) to a footpath due to be improved this winter as the ’skyline’ route at the top of the hill, with incredible views across the city.

We then headed across the hills and meadows of lower Shirecliffe into Scraith Wood (where urchins in the bushes were reported to have misled a couple of runners by moving some marker arrows).

Those who found their way through the northern reaches of Parkwood Springs then descended into the gravestones of Wardsend Cemetery, and followed the path through the regenerating meadowland above the river Don, before negotiating a quiet Sunday between the steelworks and the river on Club Mill Road. Then an ascent of graffitied railway steps and an abandoned ski village back up to the main circuit around Parkwood Springs field, with a final ‘technical’ (ie a bit bumpy) descent back to the finish under the quaint Bardwell Road railway arch.

“It would be hard to find a more difficult urban 10km anywhere in the UK,” said runner Dave recovering next to the Workshop Koffee cafe who refreshed runners after the event.

“The course designer was clearly a fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon and MC Escher,” messaged Peter in post run delirium, referring to a theme park video game, and the baffling multi directional railway steps.

“Great fun running with you all at Parkwood Springs this morning,” said Joel before thanking all the volunteers. “The hills were pretty brutal though, and Garmin says I need 3 days off now!”

Steel City Trail 10 events are usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month, at various accessible locations around Sheffield. The events usually start between 9 and 10am, with interesting (and often lumpy) routes that are hopefully fun for all, from fast fell runners to trail newcomers.

We’re working with Sheffield Council on these events aiming to celebrate and promote the Outdoor City’s green spaces, and to support local voluntary groups helping to look after these areas. Last Sunday generous runners raised £50 for the Friends of Parkwood Springs group.

First back on Sunday was Rob Byers (SCS) at 40:03, followed by Steve Dawson (NA) at 46:21 then Richard Lewis  (SCS) just behind at 46:24.

1st woman back was Annie Chambers (SCS) at 50:00, followed by Adele Finlay at 1:08:34 then Sandi Carman (Smiley Paces) at 1:21:31

The next race is the somewhat gentler Shire Brook Valley on `16th October and the calendar to the end of the year will now be (all being well) : 20th Nov (Porter Valley), 18th Dec (Redmires).

All welcome, so please tell your mates about the Steel City Trail 10 FB page, and come and join in!

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Rob Byers M 40.03
3 Richard Lewis M 46.24
4 Joel Kesterton M 48.23
5 Annie Chambers F 50.00
6 Tim Holt M 50.18
7 Simon Chatten M 51.53
8 Roger Walters M 52.29
12 Paddy Treehowes M 55.16
13 Dave Beech M 1.00.15
17 Edward Brooks M 1.08.37
22 Nada Ross F 1.29.16

Full results on the Trail 10 FB page

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