Steel City Trail 10 Redmires result and report by Dave Bocking

Race Date: Sunday 2nd January 2022

From the start line next to a couple of tons of farm manure, just over 100 runners (and a dozen volunteers) trialled the next Steel City Trail 10 route on Sunday 2nd September.

This was not a race (we bellowed at the runners) but nevertheless, Andy Eades of Vegan Runners managed to squelch his way round the roughly 10.2k course in 45.30, with the Striders’ Paul Middlemas close behind at 45.50, followed by Strider Matt Rimmer at 47.45. Strider Abbie Pearse was the first woman home at 49.37, followed by Natasha Dawson of SY Police RC at 52.00, then Strider Sian Evans at 57.31.

But it was not a race, as mentioned, so the scores of muddy runners, from many local clubs and unattached, who actually made it round the trails of Wyming Brook and the bog fests of Redmires should also be celebrated.

The aim of the Steel City Trail 10 series is to offer challenging runs around some of the lesser known paths and trails of the Outdoor City, where going fast or just aiming to get round are just as important.

We’re hoping to get clearance for an official race at Redmires in a few months time, all being well, and meanwhile after the next Steel City Trail 10 races on Jan 30th and Feb 20th (probably at Whirlowbrook Park and Bradway / Ladies Spring Wood) we will have either a race or trial run on the 3rd Sunday of every month. By the end of the year, we hope to have 5 or 6 routes in action around Sheffield – see the Steel City Trail 10 FB page for updates.

Dozens of runners thanked the hardworking and cheerful volunteers who could have been sat out in howling winter gales, rather than the winter sun of the day (thanks Alex & family, Jo, Ben, Nicky, Caroline, Dave, Sally, Alice, Peter, Steve and Stephen). Organisers Richard, Kate and Nick had their own challenges with a flying gazebo during the sign up process.

The event also tied in with the HRRC Foodbank Relay taking place the following day, with several bags of provisions for the S6 Foodbank collected from generous Redmires runners, along with over £150 raised for local conservation groups working in the area of the run.

But the big achievement for us all was hearing people who’d never braved a route like that before saying how pleased they were to make it round. Comments on the FB site included: “That was way out of my comfort zone and I found it incredibly difficult till about half way, but as always the marshals and my fellow runners made it enjoyable (almost!) Seriously, thanks very much from a confirmed tarmac lover!” “Think I’ll be riding high on endorphins for the rest of the day.”

And one walker striding off the swamps above Headstone Bank commented: “I’ve never seen so many runners with smiles on their faces.”

Thanks everyone for taking part, and you’re all very welcome to join us one way or another in future.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Name2 Cat Time
2 Paul Middlemas Male 45.50
3 Matt Rimmer Male 47.45
7 Abbie Pearse Female 49.37
12 Warren Brown Male 52.53
13 Tim Holt Male 53.58
17 James Grinham Male 56.30
18 Sian Evans Female 57.31
21 Will Day Male 59.30
22 Russell Stevenson Male 59.41
23 Lee Mills Male 59.57
24 Neal Pates Male 60.01
25 Malcolm Baggaley Male 60.44
26 Jim Rangeley Male 60.51
31 Mark Loader Male 64.57
32 Andy Green Male 65.07
35 Andrew ROWLAND Male 67.14
37 Sarah Allcard Female 67.33
38 Jacqui Herring Female 67.36
40 Dave Marsh Male 67.47
45 Catherine McKeown Female 69.30
50 Stephanie Millar Female 70.00
54 Emma Kingston Female 70.40
65 Karen Clark Female 77.21
66 Jim Eberlin Male 77.40
68 Rachel Rea Female 78.36
69 Laura Rangeley Female 78.39
72 Joanne Battersby Female 81.27
77 Caroline Barnsley Female 83.48
78 Alyson Evans Female 83.49
81 Paul Shelton Male 84.29
88 Ruth Tucker Female 86.49
94 Helen Smith Female 96.24
95 Nancy Stuart Female 96.25
98 Clive Downing Male 97.24
99 Zoe Dickinson Female 97.25
100 David Bocking Male 98.25

Full results: Redmire Trail 10 results 02.01.22

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