Striders’ Road League 2022 – Update 1 of 12

So the first race of the Road League has been run and the first points have been earned. The lure of the Leagues certainly seemed to add to the numbers on Sunday; it’s impressive that over 40 Striders made the journey to blustery Lincolnshire, though perhaps it was the offer of cake.


Rob Byers impressive performance makes him the runner to beat in the Premiership, and Seth Kirby continues to impress. Abbie’s 4th place in the women’s race also secured valuable points.

Pos Name Points
1 Rob Byers 20
2 Seth Kirby 19
3 Abbie Pearse 18
4 Malcolm Baggaley 17
5 Tim Holt 16
6 Ed Startup 15

Division 2

Robert secured a big PB and 20 points on Sunday, with an impressive 10K performance. Laura’s 19 points also suggested that her pre-race talk of a relegation battle may be pessimistic – well worth reading her excellent race report if you haven’t already. Jonathan looked very assured for his 18 points, suggesting he may be one to watch later in the season.

Pos Name Points
1 Robert Hoffmann 20
2 Laura Mella 19
3 Jonathan Legon 18
4 Adam McAuley 17
5 Robin Nelson 16
6 Richard Pegg 15

Division 3

The women of Division 3 dominated proceedings on Sunday, with Sarah Allcard’s performance securing a time some Division 2 runners would have envied. Cara continues to impress and improve, though Kate wasn’t far behind.

Pos Name Points
1 Sarah Allcard 20
2 Cara Hanson 19
3 Kate Scott 18
4 Karen Clark 17
5 Catherine McKeown 16
6 Kevin Haighton 15

Division 4

The quietest division in terms of numbers (which is good news for those who did attend). The battle for 19 points looked hard fought, with just 17 seconds between Helen and Steve.

Pos Name Points
1 Jamie Smith 20
2 Helen Royles-Jones 19
3 Steve Blake 18
4 Kevin Wong 17

Division 5

An impressive run from Nada Ross saw her sweep up the maximum points in division 5, but Laura, Zoe and Vikki weren’t too far behind, suggesting there could be some decent competition in the coming months.

Pos Name Points
1 Nada Ross 20
2 Laura Greaves 19
3 Zoe Dickinson 18
4 Vikki McAuley 17
5 Billy Costello 16
6 Victoria Johnson 15

Division 6

It’s an endorsement of the Leagues (I hope) that this was the most contested division in the first race of the season. Tim and Adrian battled it out for the top two spots, with just 20 seconds between them after 10km.

Pos Name Points
1 Tim Fawcett 20
2 Adrian Good 19
3 Jane Huws 18
4 Lisi Briggs 17
5 Nancy Stuart 16
6 Ellie Bull 15
7 Jude Bissell 14
8 Jo Gleig 13
9 Julie Armstrong 12

For full Division lists, including those who haven’t raced yet, see the spreadsheet.

So, on to Dronfield for Round Two. It already looks like being another well attended event, which will certainly see some make their debut this season. Remember, only you best six scores will count, so no need to panic if you’ve not entered any of the races yet.

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