The Yorkshire Coast 10k 2022 Results and Report

Report By: Angela Jackson

Race Date: Sunday 16th October 2022

The Yorkshire Coastal 10k is a popular autumn race taking place in Scarborough. It’s one of those races which usually sells out quickly and this year suffered from the entry site crashing (sound familiar?). A few of the Striders’ Tuesday morning Millhouses group regularly run this 10k and my husband, Mark, suggested we join them, luckily places were still available.

Race day arrived and all looked good as we stepped out of the B&B to walk to the race.  The sun was shining in a clear blue sky but there was definitely a blustery wind to keep us cool  -almost perfect conditions.

The race starts at the Scarborough SPA. It then routes round South Bay, past the harbour, round the headland and into North Bay.  You get to run through the Open Air Theatre where there’s a water stop and out to the Sea Life Center.  It’s then back along the coast road all the way back to the SPA.  It’s mainly flat and an unofficial figure of around 200′ of climb over the length of the course.

The wind was going to be against us for some of the way!

The race was well organised by Scarborough Athletic Club, no major queues for the loos and they had plenty of pacers.  They had waves aligned with the pacers (I chose to start with the 55 minutes pacer along with Mark) and they held each wave for a few minutes to leave a good gap between them.  Mark quickly went ahead of the pacer so that he could have a clear road in front of him. I wasn’t sure I wanted to run with the pacer, who seemed to be going slightly faster than 55 min pace, so settled in a bit behind him. (I’d had a sore Achilles so didn’t want to push too hard.)


Some of the road is a bit rough – like large cobbles but on the whole you are running on smooth tarmac.  The sun was still shining and the wind didn’t trouble us on the way out (mmm this was why the pacer was keeping ahead of the pace, he knew what the return would be like).

As we got to nearly half way I saw Striders’ Steph and then Ian coming back with an earlier wave. I managed to give them a cheer so not too tired yet.



On the return along North Bay my Achilles started to hurt so I had to drop my pace.  I then realised that the 55 minute pacer was also slowing – his was planned though as the wind had started to work against us.  As we rounded the headland the full force of the wind hit us.  At one point I think it stopped me altogether!

The last couple of km should have been a lovely run round the south bay but for me it was more of a hobble.  My achilles was definitely the loudest voice in my head telling me to walk but I persuaded myself to keep running to the end – walking would have been just as painful.

In the end I was pretty pleased with my 56.31 time – I’ve not done much racing over the past 3 years, and prefer off-road nowadays.  I was greeted at the finish by Steph, beaming at her sub 50 minutes finish (2nd in her age category).  Mark and Ian were perhaps hoping to better their Sheffield 10k times but it wasn’t to be.

I saw a couple of other Striders, Gill Pearson and I think, Hannah Mainprize (4th lady) – were you the girl near the front in a Striders vest?

Strider friends also there were Deborah Richards (Sheffield Running Club) – a Tuesday morning regular and Steph’s daughter Rose who has just started running with Valley Hill Runners. Good runs from both (Debs won’t agree!).

Two of the best things about racing in Scarborough were being able to have a paddle after the race – it was as good as an ice pack on the ankle, and having fish ‘n’ chips to re-fuel!

The race was won by Harry Butterworth in 33:06 and first woman was Rhona Marshall (Scarborough AC) in 39:17.  There were over 1500 finishers.

Link to full results here.

Striders’ Results

78 Hannah Mainprize FSNR 2/197 and 4th 0:42:06
378 Stephanie Street FV65 2/28 0:49:49
581 Ian Blackburn MV65 13/33 0:53:55
650 Mark Jackson MV60 27/63 0:54:46
739 Angela Jackson FV60 6/59 0:56:31
1277 Gillian Pearson FV65 17/28 1:10:14

Striders’ Friends Results

188 Deborah Richards FV50 2/115 0:45:21
315 Rose Howell FSNR 20/197 0:48:36


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