Trunce 8

Monday 22nd August 2022

The penultimate race in the 2022 Trunce Championship. Compared to previous years the river levels were relatively low, although one of the Striders present managed to fall in. It’s a rite of passage for this race, so welcome to the club!

Joseph Harding won in a time of 26:40, with Beth Lunn first woman (Ackworth Road Runners(!)), in a time of 30:37.

Striders’ times and positions are as follows:

Pos. Name Time Cat.
27 Al Cook 32:24 VM50
52 Charlie Narozanska 35:42 VF
60 Paddy Treehowes 36:53 VM50
79 Helen Royles-Jones 39:20 F
96 Graham Hague 40:32 VM70
122 Chris Reece 44:05 VM70

It should also be noted that Graham Hague was 1st VM70, Charlie Narozanska was 1st VF, and Al Cook was 1st VM50.

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