Ulley Res 2022 15th June 2022

Coming 7 days after the Kimmy Kanter, the Ulley Res  is part of the KMR series.  Following the impressive Strider turnout at the Kimmy Kanter, a clash with the Oughtibridge chase meant a reduce number of Striders took part.

The race itself is a 5 mile out and back following a new route this year.  Starting at Whiston Cricket club the race winds its way through a few fields, complete with nettles, up to a farm road and over the M1 motorway.  There is then a decent down a rocky path to a single lap of the Ulley reservoir.  This is where is gets interesting.  The returning runners (Sarah) use the same path as the slower runners (me).  Pleasantries are exchanged as well as to often heard shout of surprise as a runner appears in the opposite direction.  Anyway, back up the hill, over the motorway and a fast dash down to the finish.

I can’t comment on the food afterwards as I had too leave so can’t comment on if there was a repeat of the bread, ketchup & gravy incident.

The full results are here, https://rotherhamharriers.org/ulley/

The men’s race was won by Luke Davis of Maltby RC in 30:34.  The women’s race was won by Catherine Eddison of Rotherham Harriers.   Our own Sarah Alcard was the 3rd lady. (More chocolate!)

2 Striders ran

Position Runner Time Cat Prize
23 Sarah Alcard 38:36 FR 3rd Lady
59 Simon Gleadhall 51:04 MV50


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