Wimbledon Common half marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 16th October 2022

RunThrough do a series of low key events. Carsington Water HM was one in the summer near to home. Recently there was a trail HM on Wimbledon common.


Do not confuse “low-key” with easy!! Both of these are tough. However, both are well marshalled and enjoyable events that “tick all the boxes” on what we, personally, need at a race. It was relatively cheap so this Wimbledon event is not a racket.

Originally we travelled to Milton Keynes and were told that only the Wimbledon football team play there. So we set off for Wimbledon Common. It sounded Mike Batt(y) but we made it to the start.

The trail race is pretty standard except we had to collect anything we found on the way. I asked the race director what to look for. She said anything that everyday folks leave behind.

There was another option to take trains for no fare. Again I asked the race director and she said it’s a new idea. overground, underground, wombling free.

For the record the race was won by:

Uncle Bulgaria (male) attached to Wimbledon Common AC

Madame Cholet (female) unattached


Richard Pegg ran it in 1.52 and was third in age category

Nancy Stuart ran in at 2.38 and was 16th in age category

Definitely with a visit.

Striders Results;

Pos Name Cat Time
132 Richard Pegg MV 60 1.53.26
372 Nancy Stuart FV 40 2.38.18

Full Results: here


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