Worksop Halloween Half Marathon 2022 report by Brian Jenkins

   l Race date: 30 October 2022

Race report by Brian Jenkins

This was my second go at this Halloween themed event, the first (in 2021) was characterised by torrential rain at the start and large bodies of standing water that were completely unavoidable and needed to be waded through (so it seemed at the time).


…vs 2022

Both times, parking was easy enough and the race village (and the all-important start and finish) was at Outwood Portland Academy on the outskirts of town. Plenty of toilets were available, and there were stalls selling food and drinks, and a few selling running accessories. The weather the second time was unseasonably mild, with no sign of the rain that marred the previous running of the race. All good.

With this being one of the twelve races designated for the Striders’ Road Race Championship, a good showing of Striders was assured (and so it proved to be). The team photo was pre-arranged and took place beside the steps that led to the start line, just prior to the send-off.

The start line itself had signs showing various estimated finishing times so runners knew where to assemble, and after a short speech from a Deputy something-or-other from the local council (who sounded like he was dictating a memo) we were off and through the arch marking the start line.

The route turned left towards the grounds of Clumber Park (a National Trust property) and undulated considerably (a regular feature throughout the race) down a quiet country road. The crowd at the start line thinned-out as we encountered the many uphill segments.

The route progressed to Clumber Park itself (where most of the race was to take part) and the route around it was a circuitous one over paths (and a small section over grass), none of it was overly steep, but the theme of constant undulation was maintained.

The organisers of the race take pride in the fact that the race is considered to be in the top 10 of the most scenic races in the UK, and yes, the autumnal colours were truly wonderful, with only a thin dusting of fallen leaves (as befits the season). There was a long straight section through woodland, and to add to the entertainment there were some humorous “demotivational” signs displayed along the road, one stated that “the race complaints department is located at the first water station” (a few miles behind where the sign was located), my favourite one was “It’s a flat course, with considerable P.B. potential, by Sheffield Running Club”, good to see that the hills we get to train on got a mention (if only obliquely).

The route then passes into the grounds of Worksop College, then back to the road we came out on, and on to the finish.

I crossed the finish line, closely followed by my nearest competitor in the “Toys R Us League” (the 4th division if you will, of the road race leagues). Kevin Wong was only 2 points behind me in the league, and I knew he was gunning for me. I was completely unaware of his presence behind me, but it became obvious that if I had faded at the finish, Kevin would be ready to pounce and beat me to the finish line, such is the nature of competition. I had a good race, and can only conclude that Kevin had had one too.

The undulating nature of the course was an issue in the rain-affected 2021 race, as it was at the bottom of the dips where the water accumulated, but there were no such issues in 2022, the near constant undulation added to the challenge, and of course, what goes up must come down. All-in-all a good day out.

Oh, and I was hoping for a long-sleeved finishers shirt (like last year, but no, it was only a t-shirt, my only grumble. Each finisher was awarded a medal (instead?) which weren’t given out last year, which isn’t quite as good (in my books anyway).

1,137 Runners completed the race (66 of them Striders) and it was won by James Lonsdale (Worksop Harriers & AC) in 01:13:02 and
Natalie Burns (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 01:22:50.

Striders results:

Place Name Category Chip
12 Stephen Schubeler MV 40-44 01:18:48
17 Richard Pearson MS 17-34 01:20:31
23 Seth Kirby MS 17-34 01:21:12
53 Wei Chen MV 50-54 01:27:01
64 Rob Dawson MV 50-54 01:28:18
75 Michael Cockings MV 40-44 01:29:17
87 Russell Stevenson MV 45-49 01:30:09
118 Sarah Allcard FV 45-49 01:33:29
144 Ben Elliott MV 40-44 01:34:58
150 Adam Brooks MS 17-34 01:35:39
155 Lee Kenton MV 35-39 01:36:24
187 Jim Rangeley MS 17-34 01:38:19
194 Steve Blake MV 45-49 01:38:52
196 David Naisbitt MV 50-54 01:39:02
205 Robin Nelson MV 45-49 01:39:31
207 Laura Mella FV 35-39 01:39:48
209 Kathryn Liddiard FV 35-39 01:39:54
210 Adam McAuley MV 50-54 01:39:59
232 Peter Brown MV 55-64 01:41:05
243 Neal Pates MV 55-64 01:41:57
246 Alison Barrett FV 45-49 01:41:56
256 Claire Wren FV 35-39 01:42:32
259 Des Ryan MV 55-64 01:42:38
295 Sam Ainscough MV 35-39 01:44:29
308 Harriet Davies FS 17-34 01:45:01
349 James Lawrence MV 40-44 01:46:57
376 Brian Jenkins MV 45-49 01:48:21
387 Kevin Wong MV 45-49 01:48:23
393 Tessa Bainbridge FV 40-44 01:49:06
405 Roger Brookes MV 55-64 01:49:50
431 Jamie Smith MS 17-34 01:50:27
443 Graham Hague MV 65+ 01:51:03
472 Christopher Brown MV 35-39 01:52:48
475 Stephanie Street FV 65+ 01:52:39
477 Kevin Haighton MV 55-64 01:53:03
496 John Liddle MV 50-54 01:54:02
507 Charlotte Civico FV 35-39 01:54:54
522 Helen Royles-Jones FS 17-34 01:55:52
539 Karen Clark FV 55-64 01:56:39
547 Christine Booth FV 45-49 01:57:07
590 Hannah Murton FV 35-39 01:58:38
626 Sarah Percival FV 40-44 02:00:38
661 Ian Blackburn MV 65+ 02:02:23
696 Saleem Rafiq MV 40-44 02:04:53
755 Kate Waddicor FV 65+ 02:08:21
763 Joel Driver MV 40-44 02:08:56
766 Nada Ross FV 55-64 02:08:06
789 John Armitage MV 50-54 02:09:57
790 Jason Kelwick MV 45-49 02:09:46
799 Faye Baugh FS 17-34 02:10:01
800 Christopher Smith MV 50-54 02:10:01
809 Vikki McAuley FV 50-54 02:10:36
812 Cara Hanson FV 35-39 02:10:45
813 Elisabeth Briggs FV 35-39 02:10:44
856 Laura Fletcher FV 35-39 02:14:34
875 Laura Greaves FV 35-39 02:16:13
884 Ella Monkcom FS 17-34 02:17:21
887 Alyson Evans FV 40-44 02:17:31
911 Kimberley MacPherson FS 17-34 02:19:41
968 Caroline Brash FV 45-49 02:24:18
969 Laura Rangeley FS 17-34 02:24:18
1001 Clive Downing MV 55-644 02:26:42
1023 Rachel Rea FV 40-44 02:29:39
1024 Nancy Stuart FV 40-44 02:30:05
1055 Rahul Kacker MV 55-64 02:36:02
1085 Anne Petit-Jean FV 35-39 02:40:11
1118 Hannah Wright FV 35-39 02:47:37

Full results:

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