Bamford Carnival Fell Race

Wednesday 12th July 2023

Bamford Carnival is one of the long established and popular Peak District summer races, regularly attracting a field of over 200 runners of all abilities. Run from the Recreation Ground to the top Win Hill following a direct route, then loop back to the start, taking in a challenging twisty descent through gorse bushes and a variety of other paths. After the initial dash across the field and funnelling down into Water Lane, the route has the advantage of no further bottlenecks.

Pos. Name Time Cat.
25th Abbie Pearse 35:14 FSEN
28th Ben Jones 36:00 MSEN
45th Ben Baxendale 38:07 MV40
55th Joe Buckman 39:03 MSEN
58th Al Cook 39:19 MV50
57th Ian Stinson 39:27 MV50
62nd Paul Remmer 39:41 MV40
70th Russell Stevenson 40:26 MV40
95th Mark Platton 42:12 MV50
100th Nick Burns 42:38 MV50
118th Chris Rea 44:16 MV40
138th Stephen Slater 46:17 MV40
141st Simon Wiles 46:24 MV50
161st Mark Loader 48:44 MV40
162nd Karen Clark 49:04 FV50
183rd Cara Hanson 52:27 FV40
184th Kevin Haighton 52:29 MV60
192nd Ella Monkcom 53:09 FSEN
207th Rosie Smith 1:00:07 FSEN
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