Bolsover 10k 2023 Race Results

Race Date: Sunday 10th December 2023

The Bolsover 10k returned for the second time this year with the 2022 event taking place earlier this year, instead of its original date in December 2022 due to, you guessed it, snow and ice!

The 10k is described as a PB course which would lead you to think it might be quite flat. You probably scrolled through plenty of Strava uploads mentioning that wasn’t quite the case and the route was more undulating than many anticipated. That, coupled with a headwind in the second half meant it was a tricker run then maybe most were expecting. Oh and the soggy feet.

The event was well attended with 701 finishers, some of which were probably expecting to run the rescheduled Percy Pud that morning which was unfortunately cancelled, once more, due to the damage caused throughout the stormy night before. Bolsover wasn’t hit as hard and was able to proceed, much to the relief of many, although not everyone was satisfied with events on the day and there were reports of a disgruntled runner at the end of the race who turned to verbal abuse and threats of violence towards the volunteers handing out the finisher t-shirts. North Derbyshire Running Club subsequently pledging to find out who they were by checking their finish line photos and banning them from any future event. And rightly so.

The race was won by Luke Beresford of Matlock AC in 33:38. The first female home was Hayley Gill, also of Matlock AC in 36:37.

This was the last race of the Strider’s leagues and as a result 46 Striders headed over to Bolsover to see if they clock up a few more points. Here are our results:

Position Name Category Time
18 Richard Miller M40 00:37:00
41 Robert Dawson M50 00:38:40
44 Paul Hargreaves M40 00:39:21
50 Darren Barnett M45 00:39:55
56 James Fulcher M40 00:40:07
57 Luke Clay MSEN 00:40:12
66 Chris Johnson M40 00:40:28
87 Ben Baxendale M40 00:41:28
94 Michael Cambell MSEN 00:41:51
101 Michael Richardson M45 00:42:17
103 Emily Green FSEN 00:42:23
121 Sarah Allcard F50 00:43:15
125 Laura Mella FSEN 00:43:25
128 Hannah Holliday F40 00:43:31
134 Katie Gill FSEN 00:43:39
132 Kathryn Liddiard FSEN 00:43:43
144 Robin Nelson M50 00:44:18
147 Jim Rangeley MSEN 00:44:25
153 Tom Cossham M50 00:44:51
156 Ellen Broad FSEN 00:44:54
164 Adam McAuley M50 00:45:29
173 Bethan Varney FSEN 00:46:05
196 Peter Brown M60 00:46:53
213 James Lawrence M40 00:47:29
236 Charlotte Civico FSEN 00:47:56
253 Jamie Smith MSEN 00:48:52
258 Chris Brown MSEN 00:49:08
262 Kevin Wong M45 00:49:13
263 Will Day M55 00:49:21
286 Catherine McKeown F55 00:50:17
296 Ann-Marie Mulvey F40 00:50:41
295 Lindsey Banks F45 00:50:43
328 Joel Driver M40 00:52:13
355 Laura Rangeley FSEN 00:53:20
390 Christine Booth F45 00:54:14
388 Joanne Cole F40 00:54:15
421 Lisi Briggs FSEN 00:55:26
436 John Parry M55 00:55:26
472 Melanie English F45 00:57:00
478 Simon Gleadhall M55 00:57:18
500 Zoe Pellegrina F45 00:58:33
531 Des Ryan M55 00:59:54
560 Vikki McAuley F50 01:01:18
642 Anne Petit-Jean F40 01:07:56
660 Hannah Wright FSEN 01:10:22
698 Graham Nield M70 01:23:42

A great turnout and some fantastics results: Darren Barnett placed 3rd in his age category and Sarah Allcard, Hannah Holliday and Catherine McKeown all placed 2nd in theirs. We had 7 females in the first 20 finishers, 4 of those were in the top 10.

A special mention to those of you who raced at Bolsover and then headed over to Graves Park to participate in the XC too.

What a fantastic end to the 2023 road racing season.

The full results can be viewed here.


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