Bristol 10k Winter Warmer Result & Report

Race Date: Sunday 12th February 2023

Race Report by Kate Waddicor

First of all a thought about what makes me choose my races!

  1. The distance fits with my marathon training plan (there is always a marathon training plan!)
  2. Since joining SCS – it is on the Road Champs list
  3. I always do this race – Percy Pud, Sheffield half, Sheffield 10K
  4. Oh that looks interesting and I have not done it before – this is quite rare as I do get into a rut of doing what I have previously done
  5. I have realised I like the road relays so will do that one again (and I promised Tim Holt he would not need to persuade me this time after having such a great time last year!)
  6. It is near to where my daughter lives (Bristol) and I get to see her and the family
  7. It is near to where my son lives (Sussex) and I get to see him and the family (hence Goodwood 10K last year)

I wonder if that is the same for a lot of runners?

Not on the training plan, not a race I have done before, not on Club Champs but near my daughter!!

So, why Ashton Court? Just over the road from Bristol – Somerset.
It is described as -The Bristol WW Run, organised by The Fix Events Team (no, not heard of them before either!). WW = Winter Warmer (it wasn’t!)

I went to Bristol on Saturday. My grandson cooked a lovely pasta meal. (He is 11, so that was really good, I asked for the recipe!). I had my race bag ready and my daughter agreed she would drop me off for registration and them come back with whoever was awake to see me at some point.

Got my number, went to the loo, warmed up. Then I heard the race director say – I hope you have trail shoes, the uphill section is in the woods! Oh, carbon race shoes may have been the best idea. I should have paid more attention to the event and planned properly.

There was plenty of parking. Plenty of loos! It was relatively low key and well organised. Less than 400 runners.

Kate storms to a category win!

There was a water station at 5k and water, sweets and penguin biscuits at the finish. A very friendly atmosphere!

It was two laps, it was through the woods for the uphill section and it was very muddy in places. The race shoes were not the best idea. But the downhill – wow, park path and very speedy! During lap one I decided I would just enjoy myself, try not to fall flat on my face and be ready to smile at whoever was at the finish!

I saw my daughter, her husband and both grandchildren at the end of the first lap, towards the end of the second lap and at the finish. They had all cycled over! I never underestimate how brilliant it is to have support. And any event where I am the only Strider I so miss seeing people I know or people I don’t know but who are Striders and will always give a shout out! As I was wearing the SCS top I did get one shout out which wasn’t the family! Hurrah for the club vest!

I walked back with my daughter which proved a good cool down.

Would I do it again – yes but knowing what to expect in future.

I was 1st WV60+

Overall I enjoyed my weekend, saw the family and raced!

389 runners took part in the Bristol 10k Winter Warmer. The race was won by Helder Fernandes, gender ‘unknown’ in a time of 00:38:22. The men’s race was won by Patrick Lonergan in a time of 00:39:06. Jenny Morgan won the women’s race in a time of 00:45:11. No club information was listed for the winners.

Striders Results

P Name Cat Cat P Time
176 Kate Waddicor FV60 1 00:58:43

Full results are available on website.

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