British Athletics Fell and Hill Relays: Report and results by Roger Walters

Race date 21st October 2023

This is an annual race on the third weekend of October, the venue rotating between England, Scotland and Wales.

It is for teams of 6 competing over 4 legs, the  shorter first and last legs being partially flagged and run by solo runners, and the two longer middle legs being run by pairs and these legs being the equivalent of a A category medium fell race, the third leg also involving navigation skills and from all reports an evil rough traverse.

The rules stipulate that it should be held on challenging terrain and the host club, Keswick AC, did not disappoint in this regard. The routes were to the south west of Braithwaite, over or on the slopes of Sail, Outerside, Barrow and Scar and Eel Crags, steep and in places pathless terrain.

Striders sent 3 teams, senior female and male and a male V40 team, thanks to the advanced planning and cat herding abilities of Caroline Brock.

Female Senior
Leg 1 (solo): Abbie Pearse
Leg 2 (pairs): Harriett Davies and Naomi Tuckett
Leg 3 (pairs): Gillian Allen and Sian Evans
Leg 4 (solo): Caroline Brock
Male Senior
Leg 1 (solo): Seth Kirby
Leg 2 (pairs): Michael Raynor and Chris Walker
Leg 3 (pairs nav): Louis Wood and Jim Rangeley
Leg 4 (solo): Joe Buckman
Male V40
Leg 1 (solo): Craig Baird
Leg 2 (pairs): Roger Walters and Al Cook
Leg 3 (pairs nav): Ian Stinson and Chris Lawson
Leg 4 (solo): Dean Young

Despite the awful weather the day before the weather was reasonable, some cloud and mist but dry and also breaks in the cloud giving amazing views.

Overall there were 243 teams that completed the relays with only 2 DNFs and 2 teams that carried on after one of their runners retired.

The male winners were one of the Dark Peak men’s teams, with the navigation leg being the key stage for them, going from 5th to 1st and winning in 3:30:00 overall

The women’s open winning team was from Helm Hill Runners in 4:19:48

The V40 female and male winners were both from Ambleside in 5:22:48 and 4:02:11 respectively

Striders teams results

  Leg 1 4.6km 470m ascent Leg 2 12.6km 1030 ascent Leg 3 10km 705m ascent Leg 4 6.9km 560m ascent Overall time and position
Male Open Striders team 39:04:00 2:02:20 1:50:09 53:26:00 5:24:59 – 136th
Female Open Striders team 35:35:00 2:14:10 1:54:00 51:29:00 5:35:14 – 153rd
MV40 Striders team 41:21:00 2:10:46 2:01:06 1:01:15 5:54:28 – 180th

Best striders result was Abbie Pearse who was 6th female in her stage (67th overall) which just highlights how competitive the race was, there were a few of us with imposter syndrome when we arrived.

Full results

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