Das Boot: Run Jump Throw #2, SHUCAS (Woodbourn Road)

Meeting Date: Tuesday 06 June 2023

In the film “Das Boot” which chronicles the experiences of a U boat crew during WWII there’s an episode where another U boat is sighted nearby. The crew are euphoric to see their friends but the Captain is furious. German tactics were to fan out in order to spot convoys steaming eastwards across the Atlantic so that when a convoy was sighted the “wolf pack” could converge to attack but, if the other U boat was so close, then they have failed in their task.

Coach Killer #1

Eight Steel City, all from the same training group, made up over half of the field in the 3000m yet four of them finished within four seconds of each other. One could say that they worked well as a team but the coach’s view may have been quite different. In training, these four aren’t always so close together so some may have been underachieving and taking a ride whilst others may have done well, being pulled along by their team mates.

With toes behind the line and electronic timing, to a certain extent these open meetings are rehearsals for more serious league and championship competition. With Simone Y-A completing her warm up with a mad dash across the infield and another lad missing the race altogether, if you’re late, the starter won’t wait but then big road races don’t hang about either. Official results are below with lots of pb’s but then many of the 3000m runners hadn’t raced on the track before. One of the older competitors kept going on that his 3000m pb would have got him a podium finish but, set years before Power of 10 was even dreamt of, is unable to prove this. (Did the  internet exist back then? ed.)

In blustery conditions Mick Wall ran in the 100m with drama in Kate Scott’s 400m with two faulty starts and subsequent green cards. We were also treated to the sight of Louis Wood competing in the Long Jump. Other events included some sub 2min 800m performances, a sub 50sec 400m and a particularly tasty 200m race.


Pos Name Cat Time
2 Rob Byers SM 09:19.86
5 Naeem Stevens SM 09:42.63
6 Adrian Fisher M50 10:04.64
9 Louis Wood M45 10:44:43
10 Caroline Brock F35 10:45.41
11 Tim Erskine M45 10:47.95
12 Simone Young-Alls SF 10:48.43
13 Peter Brown M60 12:51.60

100m (Heat 6)

2 Mick Wall M50 00:12.64

400m (Heat 3)

8 Kate Scott F55 01:16.42

Long Jump

4 Louis Wood M45 4.35

Full results from the whole evening’s events are here: Results Run Jump Throw #2

Coach Killer #2: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Examples of the standing start with a couple of Spotty Dogs (from the Wooden Tops), too upright or a straight leading leg. Not surprisingly winner Tommy Power (Hallam) is the most dynamic whilst Lilia Harris (Roth) shows that she has been brought up properly too. (Photo Mick Wall)



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