Death By A Thousand Speed Bumps: Bolsover 10k 2022

Race Date: Sunday 29 January 2023

An alternative for those marshalling at the Percy Pud, the 2022 edition of this event had to be postponed until 2023 due to snow and ice making the course unsafe and travelling difficult. Cross country at Graves Park along with numerous other races on the same weekend were also cancelled or postponed. The Bolsover race was also postponed in 2017 for the same reason highlighting the perils of putting on an event at this time of year.

The course itself is generally rural, net downhill on the way out with corresponding climb on the return. Weather was cold and blustery with what seemed top be a headwind all the way round. The original race was going to have a diversion due to roadworks but, with the new date, it could return to its original route although some roadworks remained at about 1km, narrowing the course with accompanying mud making for a slippery surface. (Even more difficult for those wearing Alphaflys and other such cheating shoes ed.) The first kilometre was also bedevilled by a succession of trapezoid speed bumps requiring careful attention, especially for those in midfield where you had to either quickly swerve or chop your stride to negotiate them. These, together with some others along the way, were also lying in wait for the now fatiguesd athletes on the return. Reports were received of a slow first mile due to these factors plus a couple of right angle turns so the tactic in future has to be to get nearer the front at the start.

A rearranged date also meant clashes with existing fixtures (e.g. Regional XC Champs and Tigger Tor) with fewer finishers as a result, 495 against the usual 700 to 800, whilst only seventeen Striders ran when there have been twenty or more in the past. Rebecca Miller (Derby) 38.08 was first woman home. The men’s race was won by Matthew Quibell (Bassetlaw Tri) in 32.29 with three others running 32 minutes. Full results Bolsover 10k 2022 Results

Striders bothered the scorers with Mandy Taylor second F55, Nicole Neild third F65 and Dave Birch, despite a cramped hamstring in the first kilometre and running his first race for four years, was third M65.


40 Paul Johnson M40 00:38:13 00:38:12
43 William Fu MSEN 00:38:42 00:38:42
139 Peter Brown M60 00:46:45 00:46:36
154 Roger Brookes M60 00:47:40 00:47:33
156 Des Ryan M55 00:47:49 00:47:39
170 Kevin Wong M45 00:48:19 00:48:08
176 Mandy Taylor F55 00:48:38 00:48:31
177 Richard Pegg M60 00:48:40 00:48:30
186 David Birch M65 00:49:03 00:48:55
297 Simon Gleadhall M55 00:54:39 00:54:17
309 Roger Watson M50 00:55:12 00:55:02
311 Janine Frost F45 00:55:18 00:55:03
319 Laura Fletcher FSEN 00:56:01 00:55:41
391 Nicole Nield F65 00:59:06 00:58:46
420 Neil Teather M50 01:01:20 01:01:10
428 Alison Barrett F45 01:01:49 01:01:28
441 Nancy Stuart F40 01:04:02 01:03:41

North Derbyshire Running Club did however allow competitors to defer until December 2023. The race is now part of the Striders 2023 Road Race Championships and entries are already open . The roadworks should be finished by then but unfortunately the Race Director can’t do much about the speed bumps.

Pre pic at Bolsover 10k. “Sorry could not find everyone!!”
Perhaps they were outside warming up and doing their drills!!

Personally, the postponement was awkward with no race for three months (the last was Worksop in October) and had also a “wasted” week easing off for a race which never came. Additionally, now in marathon training and not being able indulge in week without a long run, Bolsover was relegated to a Category C event, running for the t-shirt and used as a good hard work out.

Whilst everything changes once the number is pinned to the vest, categorizing races is a useful way to help navigate the racing calendar.

Cat A: For elites these might be championship events but for mere mortals might include marathon attempts or other race goals with a specific training programme. Might only be two or three of these a year, a full taper as appropriate and no beer the night before the race.

Cat B: Might be a test on the way to a bigger target, e.g. using a half marathon to assess potential marathon pace. Would like to run well so might ease off a bit.

Cat C: Races, such as Cross Country, being used solely for conditioning. No easing up with speedwork as usual the week before and back to hard work on Tuesday if recovered.

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