Dronfield relays result

Race Date: Sunday 9th July 2023

The premise of the Dronfield relays is an all inclusive fun day out running. Just under 15 miles split up into 3 legs with all teams handicapped according to ability. Each team has its own starting time and it’s simply first team to finish wins. We had Totley AC, Dronfield RC, UHTG, Marathon Bus and Striders all taking part and competing for the in demand myracekit £20 vouchers, presented to each member of the winning team. Striders also made up the majority of the Marathon Bus and UHTG teams.

We also had a good number of runners who decided that just under 5 miles wasn’t worth getting out of bed for so decided to run the whole circuit of the Dronfield Way.

Well done to all teams and solo runners. The winning team was the UHTG’s Crazy Coconuts in 2.04.37, handicapped time of 2.21.29. The fastest team was the Marathon Bus in 1.52.55 but they finished 4th with a handicapped time of 2.30.19.

We must also say a huge thanks to the Dronfield Way relay organising team for all the superb organisation and especially the Pimms and Shortbread at the end of each leg. Thanks also to the volunteers for making the event work so smoothly.

Striders Results:

UHTG 1, Crazy Coconuts. Total time 2.04.37; Handicapped time 2.21.29

John Rawlinson
Craig Baird
Mark Platton
Joe Buckman

UHTG 2, Blobby Fish. Total time 2.07.41. Handicapped time 2.28.57

Harriet Davies
Chris Rea
Lee Mills
Simon Wiles

Zebedee and Friends. Total Time 2.02.23; Handicapped Time 2.29.31

Emily Green
Laura Mella
Robin Nelson
Steph Miller
Claire Wren
Kathryn Liddiard

Marathon Bus. Total time 1.52.55;  Handicapped Time 2.30.19

Sian Evans
Micheal Richardson
Gillian Allen
Caroline Brock
Frances Roberts

Striders 4 Dron Baby Dron. Total time 2.18.31; Handicapped time 2.37.35

Hannah Mainprize
Jessica Brooks
Dave beech
James Lawrence
Matthew Burrell
Katelyn McKeown

Striders 2 Voodoo Artichokes. Total time 2.31.46; Handicapped time 2.42.02

Richard Carter
Annie Chambers
Martin Downham
Karen Clark
Anne Petit-Jean
Ruth Tucker

Striders 3 Buffalo Buttocks. Total time 2.43.58; Handicapped time  2.56.26

Ben Elliott
Neil Schofield
Kevin Haighton
Simon Gleadhall
Zaheer Mahmood
Zoe Dickinson

Solo Runners:

Pos Name Time
1 Matt Rimmer 02:23:29
2 Nick Burns 02:23:50
3 Ben Heller 02:25:26
4 Des Ryan 02:30:29
5 Jacqui Herring 02:30:39
6 Mandy Taylor 02:37:26
7 Tessa Bainbridge 02:48:48
7 Malcolm Baggaley 02:48:48
9 Steve Blake 03:01:22
9 Cara Hanson 03:01:22

Full results: PDF-Results-Dronfield-Relays-2023 (3)

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